10 Reasons to Study Abroad in Italy

To study abroad in Italy is like going on an adventure that will never come to an end. This beautiful country does not only house the best universities in Europe, but also have the best things to make a student have an heaven on earth experience.

Imagine studying in a country where all you have ever dreamed of is at your fingertips. A country where you could decide to go skiing, visit a beach, or even take a trip to the most amazing historical sites that you only get to see in documentaries. That’s exactly what it feels like to study abroad in Italy.

The fact that you will have an exclusive access to learn a new language should be enough to make you want to study abroad in Italy. Having several language skills is a plus to you as a person. Coming down to study abroad in Italy will give you the opportunity to learn Italian and be good at it.

Studying in Italy has always been a dream come through for students over the years and we believe this could also be your dream. Therefore, we would be sharing 10 reasons why you should study abroad in Italy.

1. Many Highly Ranked Universities With A Friendly And Impressive Environment

University of Pavia

Italy has a country is well known as the cradle of education. Despite housing some of the oldest universities in Europe, they have comfortably remain at the forefront as being technologically inclined universities. They have also influenced other universities in Europe in positive ways. In addition to having top universities, Italy has a high multicultural ambience environment that seems to have a special way of attracting students from all over the world.

The University of Bologna which happens to be the oldest is a perfect example of what a standard University should look like. Asides that, there are other universities both public and private that are flying high. These include; Sapienza University of Rome, Politecnico Di Milano, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and many more.

2. Italy Is An Affordable Country For Student

To study abroad in Italy is affordable compared to other countries in Europe. The tuition fee, accommodation fee, living cost and other miscellaneous are within range. Below is the breakdown of the expected cost it takes to study abroad in Italy:

  • Average tuition fees – €850 to €1000
  • TheLiving expenses(transportation, housing, food, and fun) – €750 to €1000/month

This breakdown is an average estimate, which means that it depends to a large extent in which part of Italy you wish to study. Expensive cities like Rome, Bologna and Milan would definitely cost more. While cheaper cities like Turin, Pisa and Padua would cost less. 

3. Transportation Around The Country Is Very Easy

Italy has an organized transportation system, making it very easy for students to navigate their way around the city. With just a small amount of money, you could either take a bus, trams, train or a cab. All these makes it easy for study to study abroad in Italy..

In addition, Italy is well connected to other countries both European and Non-European through all the major cities. It has 87 airports and 77 train stations. All these combined together will give you that adventure life you have always wanted. To study abroad in Italy is fun and exciting.

4. A Wonder Country

When it comes to the country that has the beauty of the world, Italy had no equal. With more than 51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, you can’t get enough of it. Coming down to study abroad in Italy is like going on an endless excursion. Visiting these cultural and historical is part of studying abroad In Italy. Therefore, you can’t afford to miss it.

The list of things you could do is also endless. Have you ever imagined going back into time to watch how the gladiators fought each other in the Colosseum or take a close look at the Catholic faith in Vatican City. You will have exclusive access to all these and more if come study abroad in Italy.

5. Pizza’s Grand Seat

Of course, you can get pizza anywhere in the world, but nothing taste better than Italian pizza. Italians are known for their pizza. However, this secret to make this amazing pizza still remains a secret.

Italian food and wine in general is something you can afford to miss as well. They have exquisite cuisines that can make you study abroad in Italy.

6. The Night Life Of Italy

As a student, you would definitely want to know what the nightlife of a country is like before you head out. We can assure you that Italy won’t disappoint. Unlike other European countries, Italian cities never sleeps. Around 9pm or 10pm, you can still walk around the streets to feel the magical vibes of the night.

7. Italian Universities Offers Many English-taught Degrees

To study abroad in Italy, it’s not mandatory to speak Italian. Italian Universities offer English-taught degrees in many courses. To mention a few,  we have medicine, arts, computer science, and many more.

8. Italy Has Arts And Fashion Cities

Italy is a country blessed witn amazing arts and fashion, a day won’t pass without you noticing something entirely new on the streets. The art works of Italian cities is something to look forward to.

9. Love City

Going to study abroad in Italy will definitely bring something entirely new to the table. Italy is a city of Iove, which means you are most likely to find a soulmate that you will spend the rest of your life with. Moreover, there are several places where you can visit to make a partner fall in love.

10. The Final Graduation Ritual

Before you can enjoy this last part, you must have came and conquered. This graduation ritual is a must for every graduating students in Italy. In this case, you have to experience it for yourself to know what it feels like.