Italy is a beautiful country with lots of amazing opportunities to help finance yourself through your medical degree. Despite being one of the most sorted after country when it comes to academics, there is always something for everyone to help support his or her finances.

Having spent years in Italy, Pavia to be precise studying medicine, I know several ways with which you can finance yourself and at the same time cope with the vigorous academic activities that medicine involves. To finance yourself while studying medicine in Italy might seem impossible to you. But there are several ways you can finance yourself and still have a stress-free program.

Right here in this article, I will be sharing three basic ways you can finance yourself while studying medicine in Italy. And give yourself financial freedom during your stay in Italy.

1.) Finance Your Through Scholarships

A scholarship is one of the best means to finance yourself as a medical student. With scholarships, you could generate a lump sum of €4000 on a yearly basis. However, you will most likely come across certain challenges if you are to solely rely on scholarships to help support your finances.

Firstly, your scholarship can be withdrawn at any point in time leaving you with nothing to help finance yourself. Secondly, a scholarship fund is nothing compared to your yearly expenses which are approximately €10,000 per year.

2.) Personal Savings

Personal savings is another way to finance yourself as a medical student in Italy. Here, what you practically do is save during the raining season for the dry season to come. In cases where your scholarship has been withdrawn, you can fall back on your savings and manage for the main time. However, it’s impractical for you to save enough to sustain you through the 6 years you will be studying medicine in Italy. All you can do with your savings is finance yourself for a maximum of 12 months.

3.) Student Work

Working as a student is actually the most practical way to finance yourself as a medical student in Italy. Although this option also has it’s own limitations, most especially for non-European students that are unable to speak Italian fluently. As a non-European that got admitted to study in Italy, you have 50% less working days. Moreover, your inability to also communicate with Italian will also limit the type of job offers you can apply for.

In spite of all these challenges, there are ways you could finance yourself as a medical student in Italy. For example, being a web designer that works from home. This could earn you a lot of money to help finance yourself through your degree program. Apparently, not everyone has such skills. Having seen the ups and downs, there are three other recommended works that you could do to finance yourself as a medical student in Italy. These include:

  • Taking English Classes Either Online or Offline – Havinga teaching experience is a plus here. But if you don’t, you can actually take a quick online training course they teach how to teach English. With this in place, all you have to do is set yourself in a position where people see you as an English teacher either online or offline. And then begin to build a network of students.

Do you have problems with English grammar? You can take teach conventional English in place of those that require expertise. It’s quite easy than you think as long as you know how to communicate effectively in English. Moreover, is there to help connect you with potential students that want to learn.

The good thing about this type of work is that you get to schedule your work time in such a way that it doesn’t hurt your medical classes. With just a few students, you should be able to finance yourself as a medical student in Italy.

  • Become A Freelancer – Learning a skill to become a freelancer might take your time, but it is actually worth waiting for. The world is fast becoming a digital one and more digital skills are required to help meet this demand. As a medical student looking for a way to finance yourself, this is actually a goldmine. You can learn skills like professional blogging,  graphic design, web development and many more and begin to work on freelancing sites to earn some cash.
  • Work In the University – This might not be as lucrative as those mentioned above, but it is another promising way to finance yourself as a medical student in Italy. In most cases, universities are always out to look for in-house students to take job offers like library supervision, office management and many more.