Academics is beyond the scopes of learning new things and memorizing theories. The environment in which a student study has a lot to do with the general assimilation and conversation of a student. Many universities in the world today have been able to build world-class academic excellence but failed to bring together mother nature’s finest gift.  Fortunately, Padova is blessed with all of these. If you’ve actually been imagining what student life in Padova looks like, you should take a step further to know exactly what this beautiful town has to offer students.

Padova is more like an art exhibition city, entangled together by the finest of all mother nature’s gift to humanity. Located along the main point converging river Brenta which flows from the north to river Bacchiglione which flows the south, this City is indeed a beauty to behold.

Do you want to take a look at student life in Padova before jumping off the cliff with the hopes of landing well in Padova? Right here, we will be addressing what student life in Padova is like and how a student can live a life like its home.

Public transportation in Padova

To live a comfortable student life in Padova, you need to, first of all, understand the transportation system. Although it is not as complicated as it may sound when you don’t have a glimpse of how to find your way around this city, you will find things quite difficult. The fastest way to blend into the system is to get a bus map. This will guide you through your baby steps in Padova until your feet are strong enough to transport you to anywhere you wish to go.

The bus tickets with which you will use to access any of the means of transportation in Padova are readily available within your reach. You can get a ticket at the train station or any Tobacchi shop near you.

Social activities of the University

Padova is a whole new world to discover. The social activities of this state spread across several parts of her culture, bringing out the heritage that has been hidden for quite some time. There are cultural activities that give you the opportunity to listen to beautiful music across the street and enjoy the festive period right from your window. Want to attend one of the events and you don’t have the cash to do so? Try your luck at Vinci i biglietti if you will be able to win a ticket.

The biggest social event on campus which usually holds at Cesare Pollini is the most awaited event on campus. Musical association all around the campus which includes Amici Della Musica and Centro d’Arte collaborates with  Concentus Musicus Patavinus to bring the biggest music festival to the campus. This festival comprises of series of fun-filled festivals that will make your student life in Padova a memorable one. These include the Portello River Festival, Padova Jazz Festival, Radio Sherwood Festival, and the Summer Student Festival.

Teatro Popolare di Ricerca – Centro Universitario Teatrale, TAM teatromusica, and  Teatro Stabile del Veneto are theatrical institutions based in Padova. These companies do come together every year to give back to the community by organizing shows and workshops for university students. This program is open to everyone including international students.

Places to visit in the city

The culture of this beautiful city is at your fingertips. Taking a walk through the city will give a glimpse of what you stand to gain when you finally decide to go for a trip.  Palazzo del Bò which happens to be one of the most beautiful sight to behold is completely free for students. Moreover, Padova is just a few miles from historical cities like Bologna, Venice, Vicenza, and Verona. The train service is within your reach, go for gold!

If you wish to enjoy all that Padova has to offer before going beyond the city, there are numerous places awaiting you. Check out Museum of Applied and Decorative Arts and Bottacin Museum – Palazzo Zuckermann, Cappella degli Scrovegni, and the Eremitani, Museum of the Third Army,  San Gaetano Cultural Centre, Palazzo Zabarella, and others.

Entertainment and amusement

Unlike other big Italian cities, entertainment in Padova is not that expensive. You will enjoy your student life in Padova with just a penny without having to spend above your budget. Places like Bar San Clemente offers the best of drinks, you can go there with friends to have fun after a busy day at school. On Saturday’s, LeQueen clubhouse is a place you can’t afford to miss. The fun there is wild and free!

Shopping places

Padova is a picturesque town that has all beauty you could ever wish for. Looking for where to get all you need to live a comfortable life? There are open markets at several points in the city waiting to be explored. Piazza delle Ebre is the perfect place where you can get all you need during your time in Padova.

Careers after University

The University of Padova offers international students an opportunity to blend into their respective industries after their student life in Padova. The University has links with firms and organizations with which it use to help international students get started. The economy of this town is strong, you will definitely get job offers after your program is complete.