At the brink of experiencing the best of what adulthood has to offer, many options on where to get the best flies into the human head. If you have actually decided to come down to Italy, but you are still debating on the city to study, it’s expected. Italy is a peculiar country blessed with all that you could think of. Therefore making a choice will definitely become a difficult task. However, your student life in Siena is going to be like heaven on earth, perhaps you finally decide to further your education in this city.

Despite being a  medieval town that is deprived of traditions, her beauty, silence, and friendliness keep attracting students from all over the world. If you actually want to study in a low-key city, escape from the busy lifestyle of megacities, and live without being too budget conscious, Siena is the perfect town for you.

Right here, we will be taking a look at student life in Siena and what you should expect during your time in this amazing Italian city.

Public the transport in Siena

The public transport system of Siena is not as pronounced as those in other cities in Italy. Often times, the locals prefer to take a walk while going for a short distance trip around the city rather than taking a bus or taxi. You will find this quite amusing during your student life in Siena when you see more people walking on the street. The major means of transportation in Siena, bus, taxi, and trains.

The operations and management of Siena transport system are in the hands of TIEMME and LAZZI. These transport companies are the major contender in the transport industry. And they provide similar services and comfortable transport system. However, there are slight differences in their pricing system.

  • Taxi – In the city of Siena, there are several taxi stands evenly distributed at strategic locations all over the city. The city center has more stands, you will come across stands at strategic locations like Siena Train Station, Piazza Matteotti, Piazza Indipendenza, Piazza Amendola.
  • Trains – The train stations run through the city and around the campus. No matter where you stay in the city, you will always find yourself a train to transport you to your campus.

Social activities of the University

Siena has some of the most amazing places on earth. To start with, you should take a trip down to Piazza del Campo. This historical site is not only a beauty to behold but also a place to remember for the rest of your life. Visiting this site will also give you the avenue to meet with other other students. Students do go there at night to party and have some fun. Moreover, too much of academics will no doubt dull your brain.

There is another mind-blowing event that occasionally takes place in August every year. This event is the most awaited event in Siena. If you finally find yourself in this city, you shouldn’t miss this event for no reason whatsoever. Palio di Siena, a horse racing event attracts neighboring cities and tourist. During this time of the year, the streets of Siena are usually occupied with parties. Your student life in Siena can never be a boring one with all these social activities in place.

Places to visit in the city

Siena is a slow city, it calms you down and put an end to all the hassle lifestyle you had in the city. After doing this, she takes you aboard to enjoy the beautiful site that mother nature did bless her with. Speaking of which, you can’t explore them all through your student life in Siena.   The 13th-century Gothic Siena Cathedral, Piccolomini Library, and the old Baptistery are historical sites that will take you back in time.

Siena has culture been a culture orientated town even before the reign of the Roman Empire. Which means you also need to explore the cultural heritage of this city during your student life in Siena. The Civic Museum, National Picture Gallery and Museum of the Biccherna Tablets, amidst others have all you need to see about their art and culture.

Entertainment and amusement

The amusing part of Siena revolves around her festivals and cultures. These can either be musical or festive. The common musical concerts in Siena are jazz and they do take place at several locations in the city. Concerts like these are ecstatic and fun filled. To learn more about entertaining events, check out street posters or visit Piazza del Campo to keep up.

The nightlife of this town is also entertaining and amusing. No matter how streamlined your budget is, you will find a place to relieve yourself from all the academic pressures that are most likely to be mounted on you.

Shopping places

Siena is a shopping town, you will get all you need whenever you need them just across the street. Although, there are specialized open markets where specific kinds of things are sold. Looking for a place to get the best of art and crafts, visit Siena Duomo. For fashion related accessories, visit via Banchi di Sopra, a shopping street where you find all that you intend to buy.

Career after University

Staying after your student life in Siena is a tough decision to make. However, you need to set your head straight and analyze the opportunities that this City has to offer when it comes to your career. Generally, Siena is mostly occupied by students.