Accommodation Solutions For Students In Italy

Finding an accommodation in Italy can be a major challenge if you don’t know how to go about it. Despite its beautiful and serene environment that might want to keep you out all day and night, you still have to find yourself a roof to hide your head.

Accommodation in Italy varies greatly, it majorly depends on the loyalty or region you find yourself. Big cities like Milan and Rome are far more expensive that those in rural areas. However, such cities offers you several accommodation options from which you can choose from.

Types Of Accommodation In Italy

Right here in this article, we will be sharing with you the major types of accommodations in Italy that you are likely to come across. This will help prepare your mind towards what you are to expect or target when you finally get to any part of Italy.

Student accommodation through an institution

The larger majority of Italian Universities don’t have dormitoryʼs apartments for students. Only in some special cases will you come across a scene where a university will provide accommodation for its students. But as an international student, you might have access to special offers. Therefore, you need to check if such is available at the University of your chosen.

Shared Housing

This type of accommodation is most available to students in Italy. Here, students offers to share their flat with other student in exchange for some money. This type of accommodation in Italy is cheaper for student compared to other types of accommodation. Generally, the cost ranges from €300 – 800 per month and the price depends on the basic amenities in the room, size and also the location.

Private Accommodation

Private accommodations are actually the best in Italy for a student, but it is quite expensive compared to other types of accommodation. In private accommodation, you will have a room to yourself and this cost approximately €400 to over €900 pounds on a monthly basis.

Certain things that you need to take note

Accommodation in Italy can be major challenge for students, most especially international students if these factors are not properly considered before going ahead to make payments. These factors includes:

  • Proximity to institution
  • Additional expenses, such as; Electricity charges, water, heat and many more.
  • Parking space, (that’s if you own a car)
  • Charges as a result of unforeseen circumstances.

Finding a way to strike a balance between all of these when getting an accommodation in Italy will help you to enjoy your education and also your time in Italy.

Tips on how to get the best accommodation in Italy

Take your time to reach out to as many people as possible. If you allow the pressure which you are most likely to go through think for you, you will definitely end up with a bad accommodation. Therefore, you need to take things easy and calm

Starting an early search of accommodation in Italy will help you to select from the best. Thus, it is best of start searching early. Suppose you don’t have the cash to pay right away, you can even book an apartment.

Lastly, do not forget to read the accommodation contract. This is very important.