What A Student Life In Roma Is Like


“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” This is a popular saying that you must have heard one way or another. You definitely wouldn’t have put much attention on that, but now that you want a blissful student life in Roma, it’s important for you to put it into practice.  Unlike other cities in Italy, Roma is an artistic city blessed with over fifty museums and nine hundred historic churches. And the best of sculptures and painting the world has ever seen.  The architectural masterpieces of Roma such as the majestic piazzas, cobblestones streets, Colosseum stands, and Pantheon will sweep [...]

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What A Student Life In Milan Is Like


Are you interested in knowing a thing or two about student life in Milan but you don’t know where to get all that you need about – the public transport, social activities around the University, places to visit during your academic year, entertainment and amusement of the city, places to shop and career opportunities? We have got you covered right here. This fashion city has all it takes to make your student life in Milan a time to remember. Despite having over 2000 years of history, this beautiful city is still evolving. New structures are replacing the old and modernity is [...]

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What A Student Life In Bergamo Is Like


Bergamo is a city with a double identity, a feel of both the past and the present that fuse to become one. The student life in Bergamo gives this animation feeling of living in two separate world all in one place. The upper district (older part of the city) which is referred to in Italian as Città Alta is fully packed with cobblestone streets which are surrounded by Venetian walls. And the only access to this place is through the funicular. On the other hand, the Lower Town (Città Bassa) happens to be the modern part of the city. The student [...]

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What A Student Life In Pavia Is Like


What more could a student wish for in Pavia? A modern town filled with medieval towers, an architectural and artistic treasure that will take your breath away. This City is a great place for students, it’s blessed with all that you could ever think of to achieve a blissful academic year. Pavia is fully loaded with initiatives, parties and fun things to do. Asides from studying, student life in Pavia is all you could ever wish for. However, the weather which is often foggy and rainy is one thing that you need to watch out for. Do you wish to have [...]

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Places To Visit While Studying In Italy


Italy is a petite country located in the southern part of Europe. Despite its small size, Italy has no equal when it comes to natural beauty, culture, art, cuisine, and history. A country fully packed with stunning landscape and beautiful places to visit, there won’t be a dull moment for you if you decide to come study in Italy. More so, there won’t be a need for you to think twice about places to visit in Italy, because the list of where to visit is endless. Although, it’s quite true that the Italian education system is rigorous because you will be [...]

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How To Finance Yourself While Studying In Italy


With Italian high educational standard and rich cultural benefits offered, it’s expected to be quite expensive. But it’s quite surprising that reverse is the case. The tuition fees expenses and the general cost of leaving is similar to those of average European countries. The only factor that can make it more expensive is only if you wish to study in Rome or other big cities in Italy. However, there are part-time jobs for students in Italy to enhance your finances throughout your time in this beautiful country. There are two major educational cost you will have to find a way to [...]

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Scholarships for Medical Students in Italy


The financial aspect of studying medicine abroad is a significant challenge faced by students in different parts of the world. This problem is not only restricted to developing countries. Still, many developed countries have an expensive cost of living for medical students. However, several scholarship opportunities in Italy will help medical students to live without a significant obstacle. Importantly, scholarships in Italy usually don’t cover all of the living costs. Nevertheless, fundamental needs such as meals and accommodation expenses can be provided by these scholarships. Some offers are only valid for talented students and can give a much higher amount compared [...]

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Accommodation Solutions for Medical Students in Italy


If you are going to Italy to get medical education, the most important question that bothers you in your mind is probably the accommodation. Finding accommodation in Italy can be a significant challenge if you don’t know what to do. Despite its beautiful and serene environment that might want to keep you out all day and night, you still have to find yourself a roof to hide your head. Accommodation in Italy varies greatly, and it majorly depends on the region and the city. Big cities like Milan and Rome are far more expensive than those in rural areas. However, such [...]

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Studying In Italy as an Foreigner


Italy is a nice place to study. Asides just having some of the most prestigious and oldest universities in the world, Italy is fully packed with excitement. The beautiful environment has hidden charms with which it uses to tempt international students to come study in Italy. A visit to Italy will take you back in time, you will have the opportunity to see all that you have read in books about historic and iconic sites, such as Pisa’s Leaning Tower, Rome’s Colosseum, and the stories behind historic discoveries and inventions. Speaking of Italian cuisine, a lot awaits you. As an international [...]

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Italian Health Care System


Italy is one of the countries having a high life expectancy on average. According to the latest research done in 2021, Italy has sixth place worldwide with an average life expectancy of 84 for both sexes. As a Mediterranean country, Italy has a high standard of livings that dramatically increases life quality. However, this high number is also provided by the well-established care system.  In Italy, the healthcare system is not free of charge but is easily affordable. Unlike the many other European countries, the healthcare system in Italy is subdivided into public and private care. According to Italian laws, every [...]

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