Do you want to study an English medical program in Italy? If yes, then you must study for IMAT. The use of IMAT all began in the year 2012 when MIUR (Ministry Of Education and the Universities and Research) made it mandatory for every international student coming to study any medical program in an Italian university to pass IMAT.

Just like every other exam, IMAT is a nightmare for students with the dreams of coming down to Italy to study a medical course. Irrespective of what your fears are, you must study for IMAT if you are to pass the exam. When it comes to IMAT, it’s more than just studying for hours. If you are not studying in the right direction, you find it difficult to pass the IMAT exam.

Despite the fact that there are different ways to study, you need to take note of these points below if you indeed want to study for IMAT. Right here in this article, we will be sharing all you will need to study for IMAT.

What is on the IMAT Exam?

IMAT is a straight forward exam that looks rather too complicated to students. This exam majorly tests for logical reasoning and general & scientific knowledge in areas like chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics.

1st Section: Thinking and Problem Solving

Your thinking skills are one of the most things that you have to work on as you study for IMAT. This section carries a very high mark, which is about half of the whole exam put together. Taking time out to study this aspect well already gives you a guarantee of 50% of the total mark. In spite of being a major section, only little investment is required.

In this section, you need to study for IMAT by improving your analytical mind (critical thinking) which takes care of text analysis and the completion of statements that were intentionally left uncompleted.

Regarding the problem-solving aspects of this exam, there are several books with many logical problems that you could use to build your reasoning ability while studying. Just like every other exam that you have taken in the past, questions from the previous years are what are being used to prepare new exams. Getting acquainted with these past questions gives you an edge.

If you truly want to study for IMAT, you need to get books like BMAT 700 book which is known to contain above 700 questions and Critical thinking Skills which also happens to be an Amazon bestseller. These books will guide your path as you study for IMAT exam.

2nd Section: Scientific Theory

IMAT exam deals with four major disciplines which include; chemistry, biology, math, and physics. However, chemistry and biology take a larger share. Which means you have to lay more emphasis on these two as you study for IMAT. When it comes to exams like IMAT, studying the right thing is all that matters.

General Tips On How To Study Better For IMAT

  • Take time to review the IMAT Booking guide
  • Study relevant books that that pertains to the exam in question.
  • Study past questions and build your mind in such a way that it will be in-line with the possible questions that you are likely to come across.