The University of Milan is one of the finest universities in Italy. Also, it is one of the biggest and substantial universities in Europe with a total of about 60,000 students and 2,000 teaching and permanent staff. University of Milan or UniMi in short offers a total of 134 undergraduates and graduate courses, not only this but 21 doctorate schools, 92 specialization schools, and 09 general schools that offer different courses.

UniMi is the only university in Italy that has a membership of League of European Research Universities (LERU). UniMi is a destination for every student studying medicine. The university consistently ranks higher and aims to grow more.

ERASMUS Agreement of University of Milan

The term ERASMUS stands for European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students, which is the higher education exchange program for every student, teacher, and institution that are run by the United Kingdom British Council.

ERASMUS agreement of the University of Milan allows numbers of students to graduate in medicine and helps in specializing in their desired premises. They can study in over 300 different European Universities.

The aim and objective are to provide a student complete guideline and counseling about their career and next steps. European society gives every individual an equal chance to revamp their structure and knowledge. This agreement includes an entire responsibility to train students abroad, which is their sublime and supreme goal.

Mobility Programme of Students

Mobility Programme offers feasibility and relaxation to students in a way that during this (mobility) period abroad, the student will be still enrolled at the University of Milan and do not have to pay any tuition fee but can still be a part of University of Milan.

The mobility program that is under the agreement of ERASMUS with University of Milan consists of two basic periods, those periods are;

Study Periods:

The study periods are a basic period that is experienced by any university which includes; regular classes, course completion, attending exams, research work (if needed), and clinical activities.

Traineeship Periods:

The period is a wholesome educational period. During the period you will get educational training under the supervision of leaders.

Important Note: candidates can enroll in a mobility program for a maximum of 12 months and if the candidate is pursuing a master’s degree then s/he will get an extension of 12 months, which means their mobility period may last to 24 months.


International Partnerships to the University of Milan

The University of Milan is an enormous university that has graduated many doctorates and is aiming to do more. Being an immense, massive, and gigantic network international partnerships are mandatory. There are numerous agreements and many international partnerships that have helped UniMi to grow.

Agreement Types

The Agreement types that fall under are:

  1. Framework Agreement

  2. Double Degree

  3. Student Mobility (ERASMUS+ and Extra ERASMUS+)

  4. Academic Mobility (ERASMUS+ and Extra ERASMUS+)

  5. D. Mobility (ERASMUS+ and Extra ERASMUS+)

  6. Language Certificates

  7. Researches

International Partnerships

There are uncountable partnerships. Many of them are as under;

  1. ERASMUS+ Universitѐ de Mons. Agreement (Belgium, Msgr)

  2. ERASMUS+ Universidade do Algarve Agreement (Portugal, Faro)

  3. ERASMUS+ Agreement with the Politecnico do Porto, Escola Superior de Saúde (Portugal, Porto)

  4. ERASMUS+ Agreement (KA107) International School of Medicine Institution (Kyrgyzstan, Biskek)

  5. ERASMUS+ Agreement (KA107) Avicenna Tajik State Medical University (ATSMU) (Tajikistan, Dushanbe)