Italian Health Care System

Asides just being well known for academics, exuberant lifestyles, and many more, Italy has a topnotch health care system that is highly ranked in the world. Are you preparing to leave for Italy to further your education and you are wondering what health care is like right here? You shouldn’t be worried, Italian health care is excellent. We will be addressing all that you need to know about Italian health care right here.

Italy takes pride in its health care standards, being among the top ten countries on the list of WHO world best health care services. However, the Italian health care system has its own cons, one of which is the issue of public hospitals being overcrowded. Notwithstanding, they take emergency cases seriously and attend to such patients immediately.

Unlike the system in other European countries, the Italian health care system is subdivided into two major sections, the public and the private. Italian public health care service is considered as the national health service, otherwise known as Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN). This system is organized and controlled by the Italian ministry of health and this system is segmented on a regional basis. While the private on the other hand, is known as assicurazione sulla salute are privately owned and are accessed if you are covered by private medical insurance.

The major difference between these two is not pertaining to the quality of medical services offered because they are equally up to the task. The only difference is that private medical services are more comfortable and there are fewer queues compared to that of the public. However, you will only be able to access the public Italian health care if will you will staying in a small town or the southern part of Italy.

Private medical services are more prominent in big cities, the northern part of the country in particular. Such states include Milan, Rome and other nearby states where private medical insurance can be easily accessed. More so, you will have access to English speaking medical practitioners in this region.

Italian Health Insurance

In Italy, access to quality health care is considered a right. Thus, Italian health care is free or at an extremely low cost. With an insurance health plan called (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale) SSN, citizens and also international students can access medical services, Medications, and other health-related services.

Although, each region is in charge of taking care or managing its own health care system. Therefore, you should expect differences in medical attention in different parts of the country.

The Cost Of Health Care In Italy

The cost of Italian health care is determined by two major factors, which are the region you are located and whether you decide to run private health insurance or the public. In the southern part of Italy, insurance health care is lesser. While in the north, you will have to pay more. Private insurance are more expensive, you will have to pay a considerable amount of money to access it.

Pharmacies & Medication

There are pharmacies in Italy where you can purchase drugs for self-use. Unlike what you might have in your own country, you won’t find drugs in grocery stores. You will have to visit a pharmacy to get all you want. Pharmacists at Italy also offer consulting services just in case you get confused with the medication. You will also find quite a number of pharmacist that speaks English.

Italian health care system is great and comfortable. You will be getting the best health care services during your stay in this beautiful country.