Medical Education In Italy

Italy is an European country known for its unique culture and better by far educational system. This country has prestigious Universities and colleges spread across the country blooming and shining brightly on the global stage. Before the year 2009, the opportunity to drink from these fountains of knowledge was not available to international students due to the language barrier. But there was a turn around when two prestigious universities in the country, Pavia University, and Milan University began English Language programs of which Medicine was one of them.

Today, there are about thirteen university in Italy that welcomes international students hoping to study medicine with open hands. These universities include Sapienza University of Rome, Bari University, Bologna University, Turin University,  Tor Vergata University in Rome, Naples University and the University of Padova.

Despite the fact that Italian medical education is known to be academically-rigorous and research-oriented, it’s less expensive compared to those of other countries. These standards help prepare their medical students for what lies ahead pertaining to either clinical works, residency or research.

Studying medicine in Italy also offers its students a life beyond just academics. Italy is a beautiful country that has amazing lifestyles, rich cultural heritage, and long-standing history. With all these in place, international students will be able to explore what it feels like to study in the most beautiful country in Europe.

How Much Does It Cost To Study Medicine In Italy? 

The running cost for a medical degree in Italy is affordable. In some cases, the amount required to finance a degree is lowered due to certain circumstances and merits. However, you should be prepared to finance yourself.

The cost of successfully running a medical degree in other universities in Europe is more than what Italian universities are offering. A reduction in the price of school does not mean y you won’t have access to brilliant professors. In fact, you will be offered far more than you could ever imagine.

Reasons Why You Should Study Medicine In Italy

Medical schools in Italy have a flexible admission process. There are quite a number of requirements that are not considered as a must-have requirement. These include high school GPA, interviews, and a recommendation letter. All you need to do is take an IMAT admission examination. This examination is very easy to access being that it has about 20 strategic centers all over the world.

On an average, Italian medical school cost approximately one thousand, two hundred Euro in a year. Based on the statistical comparison, other medical universities are more expensive than those in Italy. If you are lucky enough, you also stand the chance to win a fully funded scholarship.

All the teaching materials used in these universities are written in English. This starts from the first course to the last. In addition to what you will be taught, you will be taking one Italian course.

Majority of this university has about 500+ teaching experience. With this, you should be assured that you will be getting the best of education.