The financial aspect of studying medicine abroad is a significant challenge faced by students in different parts of the world. This problem is not only restricted to developing countries. Still, many developed countries have an expensive cost of living for medical students. However, several scholarship opportunities in Italy will help medical students to live without a significant obstacle.

Importantly, scholarships in Italy usually don’t cover all of the living costs. Nevertheless, fundamental needs such as meals and accommodation expenses can be provided by these scholarships. Some offers are only valid for talented students and can give a much higher amount compared to others. In order to receive merit-based scholarships, students are expected to have high academic competence and quality skills in the field. The number of availability is more limited than others.

There are two different types of scholarship in Italy, which are either state or private. Both Italian and international medical students can benefit from these options. Some scholarships that Italy can provide to medical students are:

Italian State Scholarships for International Students

Italian state offers a scholarship program for both international students as well as Italian citizens living abroad. In this program, scholarship is provided to students who study in one of the following programs:

  • Undergraduate (Laurea)
  • Master’s Degree(Laurea Magistrale)
  • Programs offered by AFAM
  • PhD programs(Dottorato di Ricerca)
  • Research programs under the supervision
  • Italian Language Courses

Although this scholarship does not last for an extended period, students can apply for 9 months.

State Scholarships in Detail

This scholarship is generally known as  Diritto allo Studio Universitario (DSU). The Italian state has a special scholarship option for international students in one of the higher degree programs in Italy. These degree programs include undergraduate, master, and P.h.D educations.

Besides providing a specific amount for the cost of living, this scholarship also offers a full or half discount on accommodation, food, and beverage. Usually, the DSU scholarship has two installments every year. In order to obtain the first one, a specific credit is required to be completed until January. However, this procedure is also depended on the universities.

The family income statement determines the amount that state scholarship offers. It may vary between 1.000 to 6.000 euros per year. Nevertheless, medical students may not cover all of the expenses with this scholarship. Because the cost of living for a medical student in Italy can be 7.000 to 9.000 euros every year. Therefore, the scholarship shouldn’t be the only thing students rely on. 

Requirements for DSU Scholarships in Italy

Every student can apply for a state scholarship given by DSU. However, the amount offered is changed by the financial status of students. The calculation of ISEE determines this amount. Some students may have a chance to obtain full or less advantageous scholarships.

In order to fully benefit from DSU scholarships;

  • The family income of medical students must be lower than 23.000 euros.
  • The application must be made within the required period of time.
  • Specific credit is required to fulfill by medical students to continue the scholarship in the following years.

Some Universities Providing State Scholarships

  • University of Milan
  • Politecnico Di Milano
  • University of Turin
  • Politecnico Di Torino
  • University of Bologna
  • University of Padova
  • University of Pisa
  • University of Siena
  • University of Pavia
Polimi State Scholarship

Politecnico di Milano is a well-known academic institution around the world. This university also offers Polimi DSU scholarships for eligible students. The application is generally made between July and September.

DSU Toscana Scholarship

The name of DSU scholarship may vary between different regions and cities. For universities in Toscana region, the scholarship is called the DSU Toscana Scholarship. 

EDISU Scholarship

EDISU also stands for DSU scholarships in different regions.

Politecnico Di Torino Scholarship

There are also various scholarship opportunities for students who will study at Politecnico Di Torino.

Merit-Based Scholarships

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian Ministry of Economic Development provide merit-based scholarship opportunities for successful and skilled students in their fields. This scholarship is valid for international students. The students are expected to be skilled in one of the following fields in order to receive the scholarship:

  • Academic field
  • Sportive field
  • Artistic field