Scholarships For Students Studying In Italy

Financial incapability is a major challenge faced by enthusiastic students in different parts of the world. This challenge is not limited to developing countries alone, it also has its roots deep down in developed countries as well. Italy as a country is well known for its academic excellence, but its native students, as well as its international students, also face this same challenge. However, there are scholarships in Italy that have been helping to fight this major challenge.

What are the scholarships for international students?

There are scholarships in Italy which are either government or private sponsored. These scholarships covers both Italian natives and international student. Perhaps, you are out looking for one, you should come across a suitable scholarship if you look well enough. However, we will be addressing a few of this scholarships in Italy that you can follow up. 

EDISU Piemonte Scholarships

This is one major scholarship in Italy, it is exclusively meant for students that are either currently enrolled in any program at any of the Piedmont Universities. These programs include a Bachelor degree which could either be full-time or part-time, Masters Degree or a Ph.D. degree. If given this scholarship, it covers accommodation expenses and that of tuition. Such scholarships in Italy are open to both local and international students.

Italian Government Scholarships

These scholarships in Italy are offered to both international students and Italian natives that are based in other countries by the Italian government. However, this scholarship has some courses that it supports. These include Italian language and culture programs, AFAM, Higher educational courses, Ph.D., and masters. Although this scholarship that does not last for a long period of time, you can apply for it for 3 months to 9 months. Once given this scholarship, it takes care of tuition fee expenses, monthly expenses, and health care insurance.

Pavia University International Scholarships

Are you by any chance from a developing country? This one right here is for you. Pavia university offers scholarships to students with excellent results that are from developing countries. And this scholarship programs are English based. These scholarships in Italy covers the majority of all your financial issues.

University of Bologna Study Grants

When it comes to scholarships in Italy that can take your worries away for an academic year. you should speak of University of Bologna study grants. These scholarships offers a €11,059 education grant and free tuition to international students that truly deserves it. Do you think you deserve one? If yes, then I think you should apply. If you either want to apply for a Bachelor’s program, a masters program or a PhD program at the University of Bologna, this is for you.

Merit Based Scholarships For International students

Here is another scholarship program for international students in Italy. This particular scholarship is based on merits, because it only considers the best amidst thousands of international students. Once offered this scholarship, all that you will have to pay is an administrative fee which is very cheap.