How Can You Study Better For IMAT


Do you want to study an English medical program in Italy? If yes, then you must study for IMAT. The use of IMAT all began in the year 2012 when MIUR (Ministry Of Education and the Universities and Research) made it mandatory for every international student coming to study any medical program in an Italian university to pass IMAT. Just like every other exam, IMAT is a nightmare for students with the dreams of coming down to Italy to study a medical course. Irrespective of what your fears are, you must study for IMAT if you are to pass the exam. [...]

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3 Practical Ways to Finance Yourself as a Medical Student in Italy


Italy is a beautiful country with lots of amazing opportunities to help finance yourself through your medical degree. Despite being one of the most sorted after country when it comes to academics, there is always something for everyone to help support his or her finances. Having spent years in Italy, Pavia to be precise studying medicine, I know several ways with which you can finance yourself and at the same time cope with the vigorous academic activities that medicine involves. To finance yourself while studying medicine in Italy might seem impossible to you. But there are several ways you can finance [...]

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What A Student Life In Bari Is Like


Bari is the bridge that connects the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Located in a beautiful environment, there are lots of incredible things to make your student life in Bari an experience to always remember. Bari has a serene environment that will make you feel sleepy just by walking across the streets during the day. This University City and Trade Centre stands as a prominent region in southern Italy. Student life in Bari is an experience you will live to remember as days pass by because it’s a cultural city with lined up social activities all through the year. Just [...]

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What A Student Life In Messina Is Like


Messina is a survivor, having been through series attacks, there are still many artifacts in strategic positions around the city. She is also the grand sit of Mother Nature which has the best of it all. This small town is right at the center of the region of Calabria and the Sicily island. The environment looks like a divine work of art with a bright background paint which represents the ocean flowing behind the city. Have you been imagining what student life in Messina looks like? Do you wish to come here to further your education? All you need to know [...]

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A Look At Student Life In Padova


Academics is beyond the scopes of learning new things and memorizing theories. The environment in which a student study has a lot to do with the general assimilation and conversation of a student. Many universities in the world today have been able to build world-class academic excellence but failed to bring together mother nature’s finest gift.  Fortunately, Padova is blessed with all of these. If you’ve actually been imagining what student life in Padova looks like, you should take a step further to know exactly what this beautiful town has to offer students. Padova is more like an art exhibition city, [...]

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A Look At Student Life In Siena


At the brink of experiencing the best of what adulthood has to offer, many options on where to get the best flies into the human head. If you have actually decided to come down to Italy, but you are still debating on the city to study, it’s expected. Italy is a peculiar country blessed with all that you could think of. Therefore making a choice will definitely become a difficult task. However, your student life in Siena is going to be like heaven on earth, perhaps you finally decide to further your education in this city. Despite being a  medieval town [...]

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What A Student Life In Napoli Is Like


There are three words that best describe a student life in Napoli: Gritty, Chaotic and Beautiful. If you have ever been to Napoli, you will definitely know why these three words are the best fit. Napoli is located in the southern part of Italy bordered by Mount Vesuvius, an active volcano that turns Pompeii a Roman town into ruins thousands of years ago. This City is often referred to as the soul of Italy because of its long historical background and the significant effects it had on the country. Despite having less tourist attraction, Napoli has tremendous effects on student life. [...]

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What A Student Life In Torino Is Like


Looking for an adventurous academic career, Torino has a lot of that to offer. Being the third largest city in Italy, what you stand to gain during your student life in Torino is endless. A megacity located at the North West part of the country and surrounded by a historical crown know as “Corona Delle Delizie”. She is an indeed a beautiful sight to behold. The fact that this City has less tourist attractions gives students access to all that it has to offer. Besides the academic excellence of its university, the cultural view of this city is one thing that [...]

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What A Student Life In Bologna Is Like


Bologna is a youthful city fully occupied with young and bright minds in search of knowledge. And of course, Bologna has so much of it to offer. It has even been nicknamed “La dotta” which means the learned one.  However, student life in Bologna is not all about academics as it is known all over the world for. There are numerous adventures that make a student life in Bologna a one to remember for a lifetime. Located in the northern part of Italy and being the home to one of the oldest university in the world, Bologna is the cradle of [...]

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What A Student Life In Roma Is Like


“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” This is a popular saying that you must have heard one way or another. You definitely wouldn’t have put much attention on that, but now that you want a blissful student life in Roma, it’s important for you to put it into practice.  Unlike other cities in Italy, Roma is an artistic city blessed with over fifty museums and nine hundred historic churches. And the best of sculptures and painting the world has ever seen.  The architectural masterpieces of Roma such as the majestic piazzas, cobblestones streets, Colosseum stands, and Pantheon will sweep [...]

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