Medicine and Surgery Course Details

EU Reserved Seats 17
Non-EU Seats 25
IMAT 2019 (EU) 43
IMAT 2019 (Non-EU) 27
Course Started in 2018

Facts About The University

QS Ranking 195
Founded in 1207
Number of Students 20.567
Academic Stuff 195
Status Public
Fees 156€-3500€

Humanitas University is an Italian medical school that has indeed uphold the dignity of Italian medical education for over a decade. This prestigious university is no doubt a force to be reckoned with when it comes to medical education in Italy. Humanitas kick-starts her first academic Callender in the year 2010 has been segregated from the University of Milan as an independent medical school. Since then, this Italian medical school has comfortably been training over 1,200 on a yearly basis across several medical programs such as medicine, physiotherapy, nursing and more.

The medicine and surgery program at the University Of Humanitas takes 6 years and this program is English-taught, making it a good option for non-Italian speaking students. However, basic knowledge of the Italian language is needed during the third year where students undergo clinical training in which they will have to communicate with patients at the teaching hospital. To meet up with this, the University Of Humanitas provides additional language classes for international students.

The University of Humanitas degree being highly recognized by the UK General Medical Council (GMC) makes the school highly ranked across Europe and the students are considered exceptional.

Key Benefits Of Studying Medicine At The University Of Humanitas

The University of Humanitas integrates three major teaching methods throughout the teaching program and these include the use of interdisciplinary modules, simulation activities, and on-the-job teaching experience. And all this takes place at the 75,000 sqm Humanitas Research Hospital, giving students the opportunity to learn under a world-class teaching environment, Nobel Prize winners, and highly experienced scientists and clinicians.


Unlike other medical schools, the University of Humanitas does train students to be professional that is fully aware of cultural issues as regards healing and illness. With this already clearly stated, the curriculum comprises of elective and core courses, dissertation training and clinical. In addition to that, students are also encouraged to go for seminars and conferences. With this well-designed curriculum, each student is able to perform exceptionally in the outside world.

Entry requirements

The admission process of the University of Humanitas is not as difficult as it seems despite being a prestigious university. For students from the EU,  the most criteria are your IMAT result. Without this, you won’t be offered admission. On the other hand, British students need 3 GCE A’ Levels or an International Baccalaureate diploma which should include both chemistry and biology.

About The University Of Humanitas Medical School

The University Of Humanitas offers two separate medical degrees. The first medical degree is been referred to as Hunimed, which is also called the mainstream medical degree. This particular program major in clinical teachings and less of others. The second medical degree is known as MEDTEC degree which prioritizes more in the combination of biotechnology in medicine, how they influence humans and how they can be used.

  • Hunimed Medical Degree – This is a medical degree program offered at the Humanitas Research Hospital.  It is a 6 years program that deals with the study of human Science,  clinical disciplines,  Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and  Surgery. This first two years of this program is dedicated to learning the basics of human science, while the remaining four years are used to study the other parts of Hunimed Medical Degree.
  • At the third year of this program, Clerkships begins and students are integrated into daily hospital routines. Which in turn provides them with all the training needed to become good physicians. In addition, Hunimed medical program provides the opportunity for medical students to partake in Virgilio Program which involves going for seminars and getting involved with laboratory activities. This program can also be used to earn extra credit units.
  • MEDTEC Medical Degree – This degree is another innovative idea from the University Of Humanitas. It was derived from the combination of both The Politecnico di Milano and the Humanitas University. It’s a program that deals with understanding more about biotechnology and Medicals. The primary aim of this medical degree is to provide the biotechnological skills which will be needed the medical practitioners in the nearest future.
  • With this medical program, students will be able to gain more experience and knowledge in areas that pertain to medicine, such as robotic surgery, A.I. and machine learning, big data analysis, precision medicine, bioprostheses, 3D printing, and many more. Apart from the medical certification, MEDTEC medical degree offers an additional degree, Biomedical Engineering Bachelor’s degree. This additional degree is issued by Politecnico di Milano due to the additional knowledge gained in that field.

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