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 Medicine and Surgery Course Details

Teaching Language English
Non-EU Seats 36
EU Seats 36
2022 IMAT Score (Non-EU) 42.9
2022 IMAT Score (EU) 42.9


Facts About The University

QS Ranking 801-1000
Founded in 1548
Number of Students 25.132
Academic Staff 1.261
Status Public
Fees 156€-3500€

Medicine and surgery as a course is all about understanding methodological knowledge on how to solve health issues, theoretical-approach to health problems, prevention, and treatment of several diseases, and general ethics of relating with patients. The combination of all these might seem broad, but with the right kind of educational institution, learning will be made easy. The right kind of Italian medical school to get all these is the University of Messina.

Programs for internationalization are at the heart of development strategy of University of Messina. The university now accepts students from 27 different nations as well as a large number of visiting professors and researchers. Because of its position, UniME has a natural vocation for this.

Here, students obtain a top-notch education that is recognized all over the world. Another factor influencing students’ decision to attend this university for their further education is the distinctive culture and environment of Sicily.

The University of Messina medical school is not just an ordinary medical school, it is the pinnacle of health education in Italy. Established in the year 1548, this medical school is highly ranked as one of the best in Italy and it has found a way to remain at this forefront. With its single cycle degree course, this medical school primary objectives are to train world-class medical doctors within the space of 6 academic years. 

Medical school at the university of Messina  provides a variety of courses in medicine and related disciplines. Medicine, surgery, biomedical science, physiology and psychology are just a few of the many options available to students.

During this academic program, each student is expected to take 360 ECTS which is the expected standard of the present Italian and European legislation. Of which, 60 ECTS are to be acquired by students involving themselves in training activities which are expected to be used to develop personal medical skills. The main goal of training activities is to get students into practical circumstances where they will interact with patients for the first time. Students will be included in making important choices and issues pertaining to the therapies.

The University of Messina’s renowned faculty encourages its medical students to take advantage of the many cutting-edge research possibilities they provide. The institution is home to some of the most advanced laboratories and research facilities in the world, allowing students to receive useful research experience and acquire the skills they need to become reputable professionals. More than 60 graduates from the educational institution are now registered with the UK General Medical Council as of 2023.

Your right to practice medicine or pursue further education anywhere in the world will be guaranteed if you get an M.D. degree certificate from the University of Messina.

The medical school is acknowledged by the World Health Organization and is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools. Additionally, the institution participates in a number of international health organizations.

Being a practical oriented medical school, the University of Messina medical school takes students through professional activities which often takes place in the Operative Units at the G. Martino University Hospital right at the heart of Messina. Here, students partake in giving assistance and care to patients. In the process, combining scientific research studies with theoretical knowledge. In addition to that, students are expected to also put into practice their study plan with the aid of elective didactic in their personal field of interest. These activities have 8 credits assigned to it.

At the University of Messina medical school, the first year of this medical program is dedicated to helping students acquire methodological and fundamentals of course like physics, molecular and cellular biology, the general architecture of the body, tissue organization in the human body, ontogeny, and a course that quickly introduces students to clinical.

During the second year, a step is taken further. The University of Messina medical school deals more with morphology, the functions and mechanisms of systems, organs and tissues, detailed analysis of pathological processes and a clear view of what clinicals is all about. On getting to the third year all the way to the fifth year, the University of Messina prioritizes the general acquisition of clinical skills. This is done by integrating both medical-surgical disciples with theoretical teachings.

The sixth-year being the finals at the University of Messina medical school, students are been groomed to become sound in clinical reasoning. At this stage, students are expected to be able to apply both the scientific methods and knowledge gained over the years to examine and solve clinical and surgical cases. This expectation is also extended to emergency cases. In addition to this method used to groom medical students, the University of Messina does take a step further by dividing students into groups to discuss the medical thesis. This is believed to fast track the maturation process of students when it comes to developing medicals and clinical skills.

Testing Method at the University of Messina

Unlike other medical schools that make use of just one traditional testing method, the University Of Messina make use of both the oral and written testing method. This testing method is used to test students scientific knowledge as well as clinicals.

Language Barrier | University of Messina

Despite being an English based medical program, the University of Messina medical school aims to improve the professionalism of their students by allowing them to take Italian language courses. These courses start at the beginning of the program which is the first year and it is coordinated by the Department of Ancient and Modern Civilizations (DICAM). These courses will help improve student-patient interaction and each student is expected to have a minimum B1 (CEFR) level language skills. Learning the Italian language may also improve social skills. Students will get the chance to learn more about the cultural habits of the area thanks to this courses.

Admission Details of the University of Messina

The University of Messina medical school admission process varies due to the fact it is controlled at the national level by  Law n. 264 of 2.8.1999. Which means, the admission process is open to integrations and amendments. This Ministry of Education and MUIR also controls the number of students eligible for admission, the date of the test and the selection process.

To study at this prestigious school of medicine, an IMAT entrance test is needed. This test must be taken in order to apply for the University of Messina; it cannot, under any circumstances, be substituted by another exam. This IMAT test is conducted by the Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing Organization. Which means, the standard of this medical school is never compromised.

The IMAT Exam typically takes place in September and has four parts with a total of 60 multiple-choice questions. Each applicant gets 100 minutes to complete the exam. With 22 questions in part 1, its objective is to evaluate your ability for logical reasoning and problem-solving. The remaining 38 questions are divided across science-related topics including biology, chemistry and mathematics.

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