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 Medicine and Surgery Course Details

Teaching Language English
Non-EU Seats 9
EU Seats 54
2019 IMAT Score (Non-EU) 48
2019 IMAT Score (EU) 50,4

Facts About The University

QS Ranking 100-150
Founded in 1222
Number of Students 59,317
Academic Stuff 2,201
Status Public
Fees 156€-3500€

Italy they say is a beautiful country with a touch of magic. If this is all you know about Italy, then you don’t know enough. Perhaps you should take a look at its prestigious universities, most especially the University of Padova. You will be amazed at what this institution has to offer. The most fascinating part of this university is their prestigious medical school.

The University of Padova medical school is one of the best medical school in Italy and Europe at large. With an undaunting mission to educate medical students taking either graduate or a post-graduate programme, they aim to develop medical practitioners that can identify pathophysiological mechanisms and also treat all kinds of diseases.

Having understood the basic needs of the society when it comes to health care, the University of Padova medical school has medical staffs across all the important parts of medicine. To mention a few of these we have; nuclear medicine, endocrinology and metabolism, laboratory medicine, sport and exercise medicine, geriatric medicine, rheumatology, hematology, anesthesiology, internal medicine, nephrology, pharmacology, nutrition, radiology, pathology, dermatology, hepatology, and other minors. With all these in place, every student will have everything needed to become a professional medical practitioner.

In addition to being a medical research medical school, the University of Padova medical school is also clinical oriented. With over 103 faculty members which comprise of reputable medical professors and professionals in the clinical field, each student will have access to both the theoretical and practical part of medicine.

The University of Padova Medical School

At the University of Padova, the medicine and surgery degree course focuses more on adding core medical values to students by teaching in-depth medical sciences and exposing students to clinical at a very early stage. This method of teaching allows students to quickly familiarize themselves with clinical and the basic concepts of diseases and how they can be treated. Likewise, be able to communicate effectively with other students, staffs, and patients.

The Course Structure

Just like every other medical school, the medical degree program at the University Of Padova Medical College takes a duration of 6 years, during which each student must fulfill the graduating requirement which is to acquire a total of 360 ECTS. Although 60 out of this total ECTS are meant for a professional internship. In conclusion, students are also allowed to take elective courses to complement any area they wish to specialize in the future.

Entry Requirements

Unlike other medical degree schools which usually have tight entry requirements, the University Of Padova entry requirements are quite flexible. Moreover, admissions into this university are not regulated by the medical school. The Ministerial Decree governs this making the process as transparent as possible. Their main duties are to fix a date for admission test and give out admission notice as regards new intakes.

For the University of Padova medical school to offer a candidate an admission, such a student must have a Secondary High School Diploma or any other certification that is related to this. More so, each candidate must take the IMAT test before proceeding with the registration. As a student, you also need to understand that admissions are being offered based on the overall score of each student.

The Application Process

To apply for admission at the University of Padova, it has to be done on both the Uniweb and the University. You can also find details on how to go about applying on the ministry website. For non-EU students, the process is more complicated. You will have to go for pre-enrollment at your country’s Italian embassy. Being a compulsory part of the application process managed by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, it can’t be sidelined. You will have to go through the process before being offered admission.

Tuition Fees

As it is often said nothing is free even in free town, everything comes with a price. The same applies to you coming to the University of Padova to study medicine. Although there are fee waivers and several available scholarships. Nevertheless, you should a  good source of funding if you will be coming to the University of Padova to study medicine.

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