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 Medicine and Surgery Course Details

Teaching Language English
Non-EU Seats 40
EU Seats 70
2019 IMAT Score (Non-EU) 45,5
2019 IMAT Score (EU) 51,3

Facts About The University

QS Ranking 200-250
Founded in 1361
Number of Students 21,349
Academic Stuff 981
Status Public
Fees 156€-3500€

Being a medical practitioner is more than just passing through a medical school, taking a series of lectures and leaving with good grades. The medical school which a student chooses to attend has a huge impact to make. And making the right choice automatically set the sky as the limit.

The University of Pavia medical school is indeed an exceptional school that stands out amidst the multitude. Despite being the first of its kind in Italy, the standards of the medical school are still been look up to by others. Founded in 1361 in the heart of Pavia, this medical school has successfully been able to hold its heritage. They offer Harvey course which is a full packed curriculum complied from over 500 years of medicine. This gives students a solid background on how things got to where they are.

The medical school of the University of Pavia keeps up with the international standard of other medical schools in Europe with the aid of English Medical books used in highly ranked schools in the US and UK. In addition to that, their lectures are English based.

The medical school of the University of Pavia has quite a number of teaching professors, scientist and clinicians that are always up-to-date with leading developments in the medical field as a whole and quite a number of them had a quality amount of time doing series of research work away from Pavia. Speaking of which, Prof. Gherardi an Immunology/Pathology course professor had 20 years teaching experience in Cambridge before coming to Pavia.

About University Pavia Medical School

In addition to being a degree medical school, Pavia offers a single- cycle master’s degree in Medicine and Surgery. This type of degree is called Harvey and it is taken in mainly English Language. The Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the school coordinates other departments, one of which is the Department of Molecular Medicine.

Pavia’s medical school has its degree divided into 12 semesters and each semester averagely runs for the duration if 12 to 14 weeks each. In the first two years of admission, basic sciences are first taken to help build a solid background on which other knowledge will be built throughout the course of the degree program. In a progressive manner, other fields like medical and clinical methods, legal and ethical medicine and many more are taken.

Pavia medical school provides an avenue for Vocational Traineeship. This usually takes 60 credit units, which means it is highly emphasized for all intents and stands as an integral of this medical degree. This  Vocational Traineeship starts in the third year and it is usually done in any of  General Surgery, Internal Medicine, medicine & surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology or Pediatrics. This Vocational Traineeship is more like on-the-job training and it is solely supervised by a Tutor-Teacher.

Assessment is a crucial part of learning and the University of Pavia Medical School has a special way of doing that. Their system of assessment is majorly divided into two, exams carried out without marks (idoneità) and those with marks (esami di profitto).

The assessment without marks is used just to determine the rate at which students are learning and how effective the teaching has been. While on the other hand, those with marks are used to access or grade performance in each course.

Regarding the admission process, the University of Pavia Medical School has a rather straight forward admission process. Unlike other medical schools, no interviews or reference letters need to process admission.

The Motto of the University of Pavia Medical school is translated as ’’We train students not only as a professional doctor or surgeon but also as a scientist and doctor of the future “.This is absolutely right and with the long list of their alumni, it’s crystal clear that they have been complimenting their motto over the years.

Famous Alumni of University Of Pavia

This prestigious medical school has many alumni to boast of.  Not just ordinary medical practitioners, but those that made an impact and did actually influenced the world in general in several ways. Speaking of which, Scarpa was a medical doctor and a professor of anatomy. He recalled Golgiars biology and did actually did won him the Nobel Prize in 1906.

Another alumni is Edoardo Bassini (April 14, 1844 – July 19, 1924). This gifted medical practitioner was a great surgeon and he did breathtaking surgical operations that were considered impossible. The area Edoardo Bassini was inguinal hernia repair and he also created an effective operative technique to help treat such health conditions.

Gianvito Martino is another Italian neuroscientist that did hail from the University of Pavia Medical School and he also left landmark achievements before his demise.

Good health care is the backbone of every society and the University of Pavia have over the years been able to develop medical practitioners with the adequate skills needed to build good health care.

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