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 Medicine and Surgery Course Details

Teaching Language English
Non-EU Seats 10
EU Seats 38
2019 IMAT Score (Non-EU) 49,3
2019 IMAT Score (EU) 49,6

Facts About The University

QS Ranking 50-100
Founded in 1303
Number of Students 112,564
Academic Stuff 8,000
Status Public
Fees 156€-3500€

The University of Rome La Sapienza is located in the heart of the gracious Italian city, Rome. Since its inception in the year 1303, this University which believes quality education is the soul of every society and as a soul, it needs to be fed with breath to keep it alive, knows the importance of quality education in the society. With that eye opener, they have been able to build topnotch and world-class schools, of which one is the University of Rome La Sapienza Medical School.

Being a medical school that comprises of several courses, the University of Rome La Sapienza has three main medical faculties. These include the faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, the Faculty of Medicine & Pharmacy, and the Medicine & Psychology. All together, they form a medical fortress which is indeed a force to be reckoned with all over the world.

With over 200 years of medical experience in academics, this medical school indeed has all it takes to groom professionals that will introduce change to the health sector. Moreover, the University of Rome La Sapienza has the reputation of always graduating excellent medical student.

Right here, we will be taking a look at the unique features that make the University of Rome La Sapienza special and why it is highly ranked and well respected.

The University Of Rome La Sapienza Medical School

Just as it every other medical school, Studying Medicine and Surgery requires a strong and convincing commitment to achieve the necessary tools and awareness for commitment, conscience, love for others, a precise, timely and deliberate realization of a strong interest: patient care. But at these present times, studying medicine at the University of Rome La Sapienza medical school has more to do than examining diseases. The programme here has more to do with knowing, acting in the right socio-cultural and environmental context, with systemic cognition on the human being with the integrity and complexity at the psycho-somatic level.

As a medical student at the University of Rome La Sapienza medical school, classes are compulsory for each and every student are oblige to be always punctual unless there is a major reason to be absent. In addition to that, There is great ethical attention to the precision and transverse skills required for the exercise of the basic knowledge of mathematics, chemistry, physics or biology. Which means it is mandatory for every medical student to pass these courses at their first year of being a student at the University of Rome La Sapienza before proceeding to subsequent years.

At the University of Rome La Sapienza, their medical curriculum was designed in such a way that more attention is given to the experiences and professional practice in the ward. Right from the early years, students are familiar with laboratory tools and begin to participate in hospital services of Policlinico and other Hospitals of the educational network. With this in place, the University of Rome La Sapienza medical students already have years of clinical experience before leaving medical school.

In addition to the regular clinical routines, students are to have the necessary theoretical and practical preparation in accordance with Directive 75/363 / EEC for professional, decision-making and operational autonomy. At this prestigious university, Graduates in Medicine and Surgery are prepared with a holistic approach to the problems of health or sick people in relation to the biological and social environment surrounding them, to confront the complex problems of modern health. They also practice varieties of clinical, health, research and bio-medicals to help keep up with the need for better health care.

The University of Rome La Sapienza makes use of an “F” Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery. The primary objective of this special type, of course, is to help educate physicians collectively in areas like scientific and vocational approach to diseases, and also understanding of the theoretical aspect of medicine and surgery.

Admission Requirements

Being a medical school, admissions here is highly scrutinized and only the best students are offered admission on a yearly basis. The first requirement you must have is a high-school diploma certification. Secondly, you must an IMAT exam which is considered as the entrance exam of this university.


Unlike other medical universities, the University of Rome La Sapienza believes that quality education is meant for all and not for only the elite. Therefore, students are charged according to their wealth. For a student who comes from a family with lower incomes, they are given discounts on fees and some can pay as low as 350 euros. However, getting such a discount requires a tremendous amount of paper works(ISEE).

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