Bari is the bridge that connects the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Located in a beautiful environment, there are lots of incredible things to make your student life in Bari an experience to always remember. Bari has a serene environment that will make you feel sleepy just by walking across the streets during the day. This University City and Trade Centre stands as a prominent region in southern Italy. Student life in Bari is an experience you will live to remember as days pass by because it’s a cultural city with lined up social activities all through the year.

Just by taking a look at the fine details and complexity of its architecture, narrow streets, historical sites, ancient town with a modern outlook, you would realize this city has quite a lot to offer both international and local students. Your student life in Bari is going to be a blast if you decide to study here.

In order for you to explore your student life in Bari to its maximum, we will be sharing a glimpse of what a student lifestyle looks like in Bari.

Public transportation in Bari

The transport system of Bari is quite similar to those in the northern part of Italy. There are city maps that show the major routes in the city and their terminals. The cost of transportation here is also affordable, making student life in Bari an easy ride. The three major means of transportation in Bari are trains, buses, and Taxi. 

AMTAB is the local bus station that provides bus transport services in Bari. They don’t charge much, which makes student life in Bari as comfortable as possible. The price of a bus ticket is around €1 and it starts operations at exactly 5:10 am on a daily basis. Although, you will have to get to a station nearby to get a bus.

If you want a fast trip around the city, then you should go for a train. This means of transportation is faster than any other means of transportation. It takes approximately 13 minutes to travel from any point in the city to the central station. However, the price of the ticket is about €5.

Taxi service system is available 24/7, you will find a taxi at any time of the day and at any place. With this in place, you don’t need to get scared if you are lost in the city. You will always find a taxi around the corner to take you back home.

Social activities of the University

The city of Bari is popularly known for its social events. These social events attract tourist from all parts of the world. And guess what, there is a free ticket for you as a student in Bari. You can participate in any of these events without anyone asking you for a penny. Speaking of which, the fiesta of St. Nicholas and gathering of Manna are religious events that you can’t afford to miss.  Another social activity is the Sagra Delle Olive. This festival involves the harvesting of olive oil. You will definitely enjoy your student life with all these social activities already lined up your way.

Lastly, there are two social activities that shake the whole city when they come around. It’s Fiera del Levante and Christmas brings life into the city and make the whole city experience something entirely new. Take a chance and see what awaits your student life in Bari.

Places to visit in the city

Despite being the second largest and a commerce city in the southern part of Italy, Bari still looks traditional with a slight touch of modernity. There are countless places to visit in this city, which means you will never get enough of where to visit. You can take a trip to the main castle of the city Castello Svevo, Visit the St Nicolas Basilica, check out the cultural beauty of Museo Diocesano and the Pinacoteca Metropolitana, experience the religious lifestyle of San Sabino Cathedral and take a romantic walk with a lover around the ancient city walls.

Entertainment and amusement

Unlike other cities, Bari is a cool place to relax and escape from the bang-bang life in big cities. But there is something spectacular about this city when it comes to entertainment. And this is the amusement of its nightlife. Despite the fact that there are no clubs in the city center, the ones at the outskirts of the city are quite amusing. Here, events are organized and you will have to buy a ticket before the event takes place to book a spot. The nightlife here is beautiful and fun-filled, you will get the opportunity to meet with students and have fun. 

Shopping Places in Bari

Camillo Benso Cavour and  Molfetta suburban area are the biggest and most visited shopping place in Bari. These shopping streets have the best of collections and brands of clothing. More so, all the goods sold here of high qualities. You will enjoy the best customer service as well.

Careers after University

As you already know, Bari is the biggest commercial city in the southern part of Italy. If you love it here,  you can stay and continue your student life in Bari. Moreover, it’s a whole new life after University.