Bergamo is a city with a double identity, a feel of both the past and the present that fuse to become one. The student life in Bergamo gives this animation feeling of living in two separate world all in one place. The upper district (older part of the city) which is referred to in Italian as Città Alta is fully packed with cobblestone streets which are surrounded by Venetian walls. And the only access to this place is through the funicular. On the other hand, the Lower Town (Città Bassa) happens to be the modern part of the city. The student life in Bergamo is magical with all that is in place.

This architectural city has all it takes to make students life in Bergamo blissful and fun filled. Perhaps you want to know what student life in Bergamo is like, we will be sharing amazing things about this peaceful city and how it relates to the livelihood of students.

Public transport in Bergamo

Despite having a robust public transport, Bergamo is a traffic-free city. Therefore student life in Bergamo is comfortable when it comes to transportation. The major means of transportation in Bergamo are the taxi, train, and bus.

  • Bus – This is the most abundant means of transportation in Bergamo. It is affordable, fast and also convenient. For every ten minutes, a bus passes by, which means you won’t have to wait all day a bus station to get a bus to your destination.
  • Taxi – The cheap rate of a bus and its abundance has streamlined taxi in Bergamo. However, you can still find some on the major routes around the city.
  • Train – Train transportation is majorly for inter-state travels in Italy, including Bergamo. Unlike other parts of Europe, you don’t have book a ticket online in advance.

Social activities of Bergamo university

The residents of Bergamo are welcoming, friendly and loving people. They are always willing to take people into their numerous all year round social activities. Therefore, your student life in Bergamo can never be boring on.

This City has lots of carnivals and festivals that you can partake in.  To mention a few, we have the international jazz day (jazz music is played in different part of the city and the main event is held at Teatro Gaetano Donizetti) I-days festival (this is a fun-filled music festival, where everyone goes wild with fun and joy. Occasionally, it takes place at Monza Park) Festival Danza Estate which also happens to be a dance festival takes place at Teatro Social. With all this In place, you will have a fun-filled student life in Bergamo.

Places to visit in the city

Bergamo is a beautiful city with numerous artifacts that will take your breath away and make every single moment of your student life in Bergamo an exciting one. There numerous places to visit in the city. In fact, it will be quite difficult for you to visit them due to its high number. However, we will be sharing amazing places that you can’t afford to miss.

Starting with the Cappella Colleoni, the Grand 15th Century chapel. The ancient beauty of this capel win makes you marvel at its artistry beauty. Secondly,  Santa Maria Maggiore is also close in age with the first. This place is also a tourist attraction that you can’t afford to miss. Accademia Carrara Di Belle Arti is an art gallery and also a museum. All these places have the capability to make your student life in Bergamo an exiting one. 

Entertainments and amusements in Bergamo

Do you wish to have a rollercoaster student life in Bergamo? You will definitely lay your hands on them. Because here at Bergamo, there is so much entertainments and amusements to be offered. With respect to this, there are places you might want to visit to enjoy this amazing student life in Bergamo. These include Luna Park in Bergamo, Loreto Park, and others.

The nightlife in Bergamo is fully packed with excitements. To enjoy this student life in Bergamo, all you have to do is visit places like the Ritual Pub, Caffé Falconi, Vardero and Aperto Spritz.

Shopping places in Bergamo

Shopping is a major part of a student’s life and Bergamo has all it takes to give you the very best of it. There is a market in the central part of the city where you can get all you want. However, you need to know basic Italian communication sentences to help communicate with retailers.

Careers after University

After the completion of your university program, your student life in Bergamo has not seen its end. There are numerous job opportunities in Bergamo, you can apply for those that are in-line with your career and begin to develop yourself.