Bologna is a youthful city fully occupied with young and bright minds in search of knowledge. And of course, Bologna has so much of it to offer. It has even been nicknamed “La dotta” which means the learned one.  However, student life in Bologna is not all about academics as it is known all over the world for. There are numerous adventures that make a student life in Bologna a one to remember for a lifetime.

Located in the northern part of Italy and being the home to one of the oldest university in the world, Bologna is the cradle of Italian culture, and cuisine. This historical and cosmopolitan city has everything to make a student life in Bologna exciting. Perhaps, you’re willing to come to this city to further your education and you want to know what student life in Bologna is like, Congratulations you are in the right place.

Right here, we will be sharing the experiences of  student life in Bologna and how you can get the very best of Bologna with ease.

Public transportation In Bologna

TPER is the major transport company in Bologna and it controls the major public transport system (buses and trains) in the city. This unified system of operation makes it quite easy for locals to transport themselves from one part of the city to another. Moreover, it aids student life in Bologna because tickets are readily available at strategic positions that are easy to reach.

Speaking of tickets, they can be bought at automatic machines, TPER offices, newsstands, and tobacconist. A ticket has a validation period of 75 minutes, which is more than enough to transport yourself to anywhere within the city.

Cycling is another transportation alternative. This is due to fact that it is not a big city with heavy traffic. However, you will be needing proper security to keep your bicycle safe from theft. In addition, there is no metro service in Bologna due to its terrain. But with all that is available, your student life in Bologna will be as comfortable as possible.

Social activities of the University

Unlike other cities in Italy, Bologna is not well known for flamboyant activities. Its primary focus is on academics and they are no doubt doing exceedingly well in that. However, when it comes to music, they have no equal in the whole of Italy. In fact, Bologna is often referred to as music city.

On a yearly basis, Bologna provides assistance to musical projects, in which students are also allowed to participate in. With this event, your student life in Bologna will be a dream come true.

Places to visit in Bologna

Bologna is a beautiful city blessed with amazing sites that thousands of years old. This City has managed to preserve these historical sites and keep them the way they were thousands of years ago. Taking trips off the shores of the university campus to feed your eyes is part of student life in Bologna.

Despite having a long list of places to visit, there are some amazing places that you can’t afford to miss. These include the leaning towers, Santo Stefano,  San Domenico, Oratory of Battuti, Archiginnasio Anatomical Theatre,  Piazza del Nettuno & Piazza Maggiore,  Portico di San Luca, and the Archeological Museum.

Entertainment and amusement

Bologna has quite a lot of places that are entertaining and amusing. The nightlife of this city might not be as flamboyant as those of other cities in Italy, but something special awaits you. Speaking of which, Cantina Bentivoglio, Covo Club, Oratorio di Santa Cecilia, Villa Serena, and Bravo Caffè will give you the best of jazz, percussion, and sounds. The live music from each of these clubs will make your student life in Bologna assuming.

There are also some cinema houses and theatre houses in Bologna that has it all as well.  These include the popular Teatro Comunale and  Cinema Chaplin. You will also find the apervito time quite amusing, it has a special way of bringing students together. Moreover, there are quite a number of cafes around the campus and the city center where you can grab that.

Shopping places in Bologna

Arriving in Bologna, the first thing that will most like come across your mind is “where can I get all I need?” Don’t panic! There are quite a lot of places where you can grab all you need. However, If you wish to balance your finances during your student life in Bologna, stay away from tourist shops and luxury shops. Although they do offer quite a lot of attractive stuff, they are very expensive. Via Indipendenza will give you all you need at affordable prices.

The open-air market in Bologna is lovely and you will definitely love the environment. Piazza Puntoni which is not too far from Piazza Verdi will provide you will lots of clothing materials and other accessories at cheap prices.

Maybe you want to do some grocery shopping, visit  LIDL in Via Stalingrado. Those big supermarkets in the city center are not meant for you if you wish to balance your finances during your student life in Bologna.

Careers after University

Bologna is an industrial city with many job opportunities to help take your baby steps at the early stage of your career. Perhaps you want something better, you can move down to nearby cities with better opportunities.