Messina is a survivor, having been through series attacks, there are still many artifacts in strategic positions around the city. She is also the grand sit of Mother Nature which has the best of it all. This small town is right at the center of the region of Calabria and the Sicily island. The environment looks like a divine work of art with a bright background paint which represents the ocean flowing behind the city. Have you been imagining what student life in Messina looks like? Do you wish to come here to further your education? All you need to know is right here.

Being the gateway to Sicily, Messina played a major role in the past which led to its destruction countless times. However, this City has managed to rise above all odds and transformed itself into a modern city that we all see today. You deciding to study here means you know exactly what you want. Student life in Messina is not bad at all, you will definitely agree with us when you finally get here.

Public Transportation In Messina

The fact that Messina is a gateway city already portrait it has a city with traffic chaos. Locals and tourist move in and out of the city every minute hoping to catch a glimpse of what this city has to offer before going their way. Being a small city overcrowded with automobiles, you should prepare yourself for a terrible transportation experience. However, there are means with which you can boycott this traffic when you finally get used to the terrific transport system.

In order for you to enjoy a stress-free student life in Messina, the local buses and trams should be your standard means of transportation. Anything other than that will make your time there a living hell.  These two means of transportation are the fastest in the city. Moreover, they have special benefits for students alone.

Social activities of the University

There is a particular social event that is most celebrated in Messina and it allows the full involvement of students within the area. This event takes place during the month of August when the island of Sicily is about to sink as a result of a large number of tourist trooping in. This event celebrates the founders of Messina, Grifone, and Mata. During this event, the locals carry two statues made of paper mache around the city to celebrate a forever alive hero

This event will brighten you up as there would be musical and dance performances. This event also gives the locals the opportunity to showcase their artworks to the world. You will also have the avenue to interact with other students during the festival.

A place to visit in the city.

Despite not being as big as other cities in Italy, Messina has many historical places that are quite amusing and extraordinary. You can start your tour by visiting the Duomo and its surroundings and the monumental Fountain of Orion which the locals refer to as the representative of their founding fathers in the world.

Messina is a godly city with ancient churches all over the city. You can visit the church of  San Francesco d’Assisi, Church of San Giovanni di Malta and others located in strategic positions all around the city.

Entertainment and amusements

The tasteful meals of Messina are one of the most amusing qualities of this beautiful city that you will always live to remember after your student life in Messina. This City has a series of meals that will make your taste buds keep craving for more. These meals include sea foods, local savory dishes and the best of pizzas. All these special meals are available at either Piazza del Popolo or Piazza Cairoli.

When it comes to entertainment, the nightlife of this city is also vibrant and amusing. There are bars and restaurants in the old town centre that will offer you the very best of entertainment. Speaking of which, the Cathedral of Messina which happens to be center of jazz and classical music. More so, students are always trooping into this place at night, this will give you the opportunity to meet new friends or even a soul mate.

Messina always has something in stock for everyone. Just in case if you don’t feel the vibes of classical and jazz music, there is also a nightclub around the corner in the same area where you go wild. Dolce Vita has varieties of beers and spirits from different parts of the world at affordable prices. With all of these in place, your student life in Messina will become an exciting one that will stick with you for a long period of time.

Shopping places in Messina

Messina is a shopping city with numerous streets stalls all around the corners of the city. If you want to get something for yourself, all you have to do is take a walk around the Piazza Cairoli, Viale Europa, and Viale San Martino. Here you will find all you need throughout your student life in Messina.

Career after University

Preferably, we would recommend you take your leave after your student life in Messina. This City is not an industrial city, it has fewer job opportunities compared to those of major cities in Italy. Staying in Messina means you will be streamlined to some set of jobs and career level.