There are three words that best describe a student life in Napoli: Gritty, Chaotic and Beautiful. If you have ever been to Napoli, you will definitely know why these three words are the best fit. Napoli is located in the southern part of Italy bordered by Mount Vesuvius, an active volcano that turns Pompeii a Roman town into ruins thousands of years ago. This City is often referred to as the soul of Italy because of its long historical background and the significant effects it had on the country.

Despite having less tourist attraction, Napoli has tremendous effects on student life. These effects are not just academical, they have more to do with the social life and all year round adventure. In fact, this City has so much more to offer if only you can take your chances.

Want to know what student life in Napoli is like? You need to follow this article to the end to learn all you need to know about student life in Napoli and what it means to live in Napoli has a student.

Public Transportation In Napoli

The public transport system of Napoli may be quite daunting and fragmented for students coming into Napoli for the first time. But the whole system will begin to make more sense with time.  The main means of transportation around this city are, metro, tram, bus and funicular railways. Unlike the transport operation system in other big cities in Italy, the transportation system of Napoli are operated by different transport companies. However, there is a general organization called Unico Campania that sees to their affairs and sales of tickets.

Unico Campania has a website where you can access the road map of Napoli and the movements of all the means of transportation. With this in your hands, your student life will be as easy as possible.

Social activities of Napoli

Social activities in Napoli are often used to express the beautiful cultural heritage of this city and how it pertains to their existence. These social activities are disturbed in the major months of the year. Therefore, you will definitely meet an event to either watch or partake in during your student life in Napoli. Moreover, the natives in Napoli are always open-hearted to students and they do put aside their differences during these events to celebrate their rich culture.

Speaking of social events that you can’t afford to miss, we have Maggio dei monumenti. This social activity often takes place in May. Here, all the beauties and hidden palaces, churches, private exhibition are opened to the whole world to see without asking for a penny.

Another social activity that brings people together is the pizza festival. During this special time of the year, the town from which pizza originates from welcomes well-wishers to celebrate their most precious food. 

Places to visit in the city

Napoli has special delicacies, everybody knows that. But do you think that’s all that this less visited historical city has? Of course not! There are several places to visit in the city that will make your student life in Napoli a worthwhile. Starting from its neighbors Sicily and Sardinia, Amalfi coast a beauty to behold, and the ancient ruins of Pompeii.

Archaeologically speaking, Napoli the home to the best in the world. The collections of this archaeological museum in this ancient city are something you need to take a look at. Farnese Bull, Artemis of Ephesus, mosaics of Pompei and so much more are fully packed in these museums waiting for you to come to take a look.

Artistically speaking, you definitely don’t want miss out what Museo di Capodimonte has to offer. This spot has a collection of Italian masters.

Entertainment and amusement

The delicacies of Napoli are amusing, you can’t afford to miss out in any of these delicacies that this beautiful city has to offer. The city nightlife is also something that you can use to entertain yourself and feel the groove of the city.

Shopping places

Napoli is often referred to as a shopping paradise because of all that it has to offer. When it comes to fashion accessories, antiques, and handcrafted objects, you will be surprised with all that you will come across in this shopping places. However, it’s important you watch out for expensive stuff if you wish to enjoy your student life in Napoli on an average budget.

If you want to change or add new clothing to your wardrobe, Via dei Mille, Via Chiaia and Via Toledo are shopping streets where you will get all you need. These streets have the best and cheapest sets of clothing in Napoli. You will also come across artworks that are attractive at cheap prices.

Career after University

Staying or leaving Napoli after your student life in Napoli depends on your line of career. Although the economy of this city is good and you will definitely across many job offers with a robust pay. But you need to do your personal research to know if the sky is your limit or not.