What more could a student wish for in Pavia? A modern town filled with medieval towers, an architectural and artistic treasure that will take your breath away. This City is a great place for students, it’s blessed with all that you could ever think of to achieve a blissful academic year. Pavia is fully loaded with initiatives, parties and fun things to do. Asides from studying, student life in Pavia is all you could ever wish for. However, the weather which is often foggy and rainy is one thing that you need to watch out for.

Do you wish to have a glimpse of what student life in Pavia is like? Right here, we will be sharing all you need to know about student life in Pavia.

Public transport in Pavia

The transport system of this modern town was designed in such a way to make student life in Pavia very easy. There are several means of transportation in Pavia, these include: Bus transport system, bicycles, and Taxi. Perhaps, you want to take a trip outside the city, Milan for example, you can use the train.

Specifically, we will be analyzing each of these means of transportation and how each pertains to student life in Pavia.

  • Bus – Pavia is not as crowded as other big cities in Italy. Therefore, you won’t have troubles transporting yourself from one place to another with a bus. Although, these buses are usually scheduled, which means you will have to keep up and arrange your day in such a way that you will always catch up with your bus.

To make student life in Pavia easy, AUTOGUIDOVIE SPA and the University enter into an agreement to cut down the bus tickets for students. Hence, students are allowed to buy an annual ticket for €15.00

  • Bicycle – This is another alternate means of transportation in Pavia if you really don’t mind. You can either buy a used bicycle or opt for the option of bike sharing, which happens to be another great idea to cut down cost. However, it’s higher for you to have the means to secure your bicycle because bicycle theft is a big deal in Pavia.
  • Taxi – This means of transportation is usually available from am to 1 am. It is the most comfortable means of transportation in Pavia, but it is quite expensive. Moreover, you can’t wave your hands and expect a taxi to stop for you. You will have to put a call through to the taxi to get yourself a taxi.

Social activities of Pavia University

Pavia a modern city fully packed with artifacts from the Roman era is a place students can call home. Despite the vigorous academic system of the University, there is still a lot to make student life in Pavia fun-filled. The social activities that students do participate in are either sports activities or cultural activities.

Culturally speaking, this beautiful city has so many carnivals, events, concerts, exhibitions, festivals and many more. And all these cultural ceremonies are open to students to participate. There is no dull moment for Pavia University students. Moreover, Milan is just around the corner if you want to have a glimpse of the fashion world.

Sport wise, there are numerous sports events to make student life in Pavia energetic. These events do hold in the University sports complex and it will also give you the room to rub minds with people from different parts of the world.

In addition, Pavia has cinemas and night parties just in case you want to enjoy a bit of Italian nightlife. But we must warn you, don’t get drunk and lost!

Places to visit in the city

For you to enjoy good student life in Pavia, you have to visit some places. Are you aware that during the medieval times, Pavia was referred to as the city of a hundred towers? It does not really matter if you are aware or not. All that matters is that you must visit these towers. It’s the ancient pride of this city. Although not every one of them is still there, you will be amazed at the leftovers.

In the south part of the town, there’s Church of Santa Maria di Betlem which was built in the 12 century. This particular place is fully occupied with ancient history that will blow your mind. Pavia cathedral, Pavia castle, and Pavia charterhouse are also places that you must check out. There are other other places that you can visit to enjoy your student life in Pavia.

Entertainment and amusement

Entertainment is a major part of student life in Pavia. In fact, students are given the room to get the best of it. And of course, there places in Pavia where you can entertain and amuse yourself. To mention a few, we have Teatro Fraschini (a performing art studio), Nuova Galleria D’arte minerva (an entertainment and art studio), Musei Civici (a museum) and many more.

Shopping Places

Students are always after the best of groceries. Lucky enough, Pavia has shopping places where you can get all that you need to ensure a comfortable student life in Pavia. The top shopping places in Pavia includes BiroMania, Azienda Agricola Carenzio, fifty fifty and many. With all these in place, you should get the best student life in Pavia.

Careers after University

Let’s assume you fall in love with Pavia after a wondrous student life a Pavia and you wish to get a job. The economy of this city is good and you will get good job vacancies. Moreover, you can live in Pavia, while you seek employment in Milan. What do you think of that idea?