“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” This is a popular saying that you must have heard one way or another. You definitely wouldn’t have put much attention on that, but now that you want a blissful student life in Roma, it’s important for you to put it into practice. 

Unlike other cities in Italy, Roma is an artistic city blessed with over fifty museums and nine hundred historic churches. And the best of sculptures and painting the world has ever seen.  The architectural masterpieces of Roma such as the majestic piazzas, cobblestones streets, Colosseum stands, and Pantheon will sweep you off your feet. A visit to each of these historic sites will make your student life in Roma a one to remember for the rest of your life.

Student life in Roma is magical. The city will have a way of making students feel brand new and energizes. Do you want to know how possible that is?  Right here, we will be analyzing what student life in Roma is like.

Public Transportation In Roma

The public transport of Roma is quite uneasy. As a student, you will also face this major challenge. However, this challenge is majorly the only one that will affect your student life in Roma. But it can be managed if you know how to plan your day.

The three major transport system in Roma are buses, trams, and the metro. These three means of transportation start operations around 5 am and closes around midnight on a daily basis. All three covers the whole city, which means you can get to any part of the city with these means of transportations. Consequently, it makes your student life in Milan easy to an extent.

The good news about Roma transportation is that all three means of transportation can be accessed with just a single ticket. You can visit either Metro Stations, Tabacchi stores, bus stations or newsstands to buy a ticket. Which usually cost about €1.50. To enjoy comfortable student life in Roma, it’s best you go for a monthly package.

Social activities of the Universities

Social activities are the bedrock of a fun-filled life and this city has a truckload of it to offer. There are numerous social activities all year round in Roma that can leave a lifetime joy in student life in Roma.

Despite being at the peak of civilization, Roma has managed to keep their culture and traditions alive and active. This gives students the opportunity to see their yearly artistic, sports festivals and musical events.

To mention a few of these social activities, we have the Birth of Rome (April 21, the birth of this great city is celebrated along with several cultural events), Republic Day (June 2, a military parades take place from Via dei Fori Imperiali and end at Venezia Square), Rome Marathon (March it’s a non-competitive 4km race open to everyone including families), Navona Square market (December 1-January 6, it’s often called the traditional Christmas market) and many more social events.

Places to visit in Roma

No matter how much you try, you can’t see it all. what Roma has in stock is far beyond what you have read in books or seen in documentaries. This City has enough to make you want to stay after your student life in Roma is about to come to an end.

Speaking of places to visit, there are monuments that will take your breath away, concerts that will make you go wild and museums to learn and see all that you have read in books. Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, the Vittorio Emanuele monument, the Roman Forums,  the Pantheon, Coliseum, St. Peter’s Cathedral, the Sistine Chapel are places that you can’t afford to stay away from. These historical sites fully packed with amusements.

Perhaps you want to rekindle that dying team spirit that you once had, buy a ticket and go watch AS Roma play soccer. The Pope’s mass at the Vatican is another event you must attend. It will remain a major part of your student life in Roma.

Entertainment and amusement

This city is a beauty to behold and has a lot to offer when it comes to entertainment and amusement. The nightlife of this city is also something you need to watch out for. Speaking of which, there are numerous clubhouses scattered around the city.

Shopping places in Roma

There is no particular shopping spot in Roma, it is scattered all around the city depending on what you are looking for. However, there are streets fully occupied by shops to get what you want. To mention a few of these streets, we have Via Del Corso (They have the highest collection of Nike, Zara, and M&H brands), Via Condotti (the highest collection of luxury brands, I doubt if this will suit your student life in Roma) Via Cola Di Rienzo, Via Urbana And Via Del Boschetto, Via Dei Giubbonari, and Via Dei Coronari.

Career after University

Complete your program in any university in Roma and the sky will be your limit. Roma has a strong economy with diverse industries in search of bright minds. You can put an end to your student life in Roma and begin to build your career.