Looking for an adventurous academic career, Torino has a lot of that to offer. Being the third largest city in Italy, what you stand to gain during your student life in Torino is endless. A megacity located at the North West part of the country and surrounded by a historical crown know as “Corona Delle Delizie”. She is an indeed a beautiful sight to behold.

The fact that this City has less tourist attractions gives students access to all that it has to offer. Besides the academic excellence of its university, the cultural view of this city is one thing that attracts students from all parts of the world. Over the years, numerous policies have been put in place to help facilitate the livelihood of student life in Torino. Each of these has in one way or another contributed immensely to student-oriented City that she has become.

Have you been wondering what student life in Torino is like? Right here in this article, we will be addressing all that you need to know about what it feels like to study in Torino, Italy.

Public Transportation In Torino

There are several means of transportation in Torino, each perfectly suited to be of assistance to your student life in Torino. The major means of transportation in Turino includes Metro, trams, taxi and bike sharing.

  • Buses and trams – GTT (Gruppo Trasporti Torinese) is the major transport provider in Torino. This company manages the affairs of all the local means of transportation within the city. These Buses and trams start operations at exactly 5 a.m and close at midnight all through the week including weekends. There are also nightbusters that run all night. To get full details of ticket prices and weekly timetable, you can visit the GTT website.
  • Metro – This underground means of transportation is the fastest in Torino. Connecting Lingotto with Collegno and other major areas in the city, it covers a distance that should take an hour in just twenty minutes.
  • Taxi – Taxis are also readily available in Turino. You can either visit a taxi park to get one or call their service companies. However, it is quite expensive compared to other means of transportation.
  • Bike Sharing – Do you know Italians love cycling? Walking past a street in Torino will prove to you that they do. You can also register at TO-BIKE a bike sharing program to join the clique. There are about 100 stations at strategic positions around the city where you can pick and return.

Social activities of the University

All the social activities of Torino revolves around its cultural heritage, art, and literature. Combined together, it gives an adventurous student life in Torino. On a yearly basis, students participate in any of these activities to add spice to their vigorous academic year.  Provided you will be coming down to Torino, you can also take part in any of these activities.

Speaking of social activities, the ones you are most likely to come across during your student life in Torino are city shakers. These include MITO Settembre Musica which happens to be one of the richest jazz music festival in Torino, and Torino International Street Theatre Festival which is also another social activity that the whole city long for every year.

Places to visit in the city

The beauty of a city depends on what it has to offer when it comes to historical structures. Having survived World War II, Torino has evolved into a mix of both a modern and ancient city. Which means there are still quite a number of amusing attractions that are historical lying around the city waiting to be explored.

Places that you can’t afford to stay away from includes, Turin Egyptian Museum, Basilica di Superga, Palazzo Reale, Palazzo Madama, Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista, Turin Shroud, Mole Antonelliana, National Cinema Museum and many more. All of these places will definitely make your student life in Torino an adventure.

Entertainment and amusement

The grand piazzas are the peak of entertainment and amusement in Torino. Asides from the drinks and other mouthwatering dishes, you will also get the opportunity to socialize with other students. During winter, Torino looks like the heaven that was promised in the Holy Books. Nothing is as amusing as the temporary ice-skating rinks that you see on the streets. With this in place, your student life in Torino most especially during the winter months will be the best you have ever had.

Shopping places

Being the capital of Italy in the 19th century, Turino has one of the best economy in Italy. There are open market and shopping malls in diverse locations in the city. Chocolate shops which happen to be what Turino is well known for are also spread across the city.

Via Roma, Via Carlo and Via Lagrange have some of the biggest shopping malls where you can find expensive clothes brands such as Dolce&Gabbana, Armani and others. However, if you want a cheaper brand, you can check out Via Garibaldi.

Career after University

After your student life in Torino, do you wish to stay there? If yes, am delighted to share with you that your decision is a good one. Torino is an industrial city, you will definitely find a job that suits your line of career.