How much does it cost to study medicine in Italy?2020-01-04T23:37:39+00:00

Average tuition fee of a public university is around 1200 Euros/Year and living expenses can vary for every city but it can be as low as 500 euros/month including accommodation. For private universities the fee is around 15.000 Euros/Year

What should I study for IMAT?2020-01-04T23:39:25+00:00

You can check IMAT page to see preparation materials for IMAT and join study groups of students.

What does IMAT mean?2020-01-04T23:40:37+00:00

IMAT stands for International Medical Admission Test which is a compulsory test for English taught Italian Medical Schools.

Is the education in Italy free?2020-01-04T23:42:43+00:00

Education is free in Italy and free education is available to students of all nationalities who are residents in Italy and have low family income. Italy has both a private and public education system.  Private universities are not free.

Is IELTS required for studying medicine in Italy?2020-01-04T23:44:17+00:00

Usually it is not required to apply for medicine and surgery courses taught in English but admission test (IMAT) is in English.

How many years does it take to study medicine in Italy?2020-01-04T23:34:19+00:00

Medicine course in Italy consists of 12 semesters and lasts 6 years. The programs are recognized worldwide and approved, by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research.