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Dentistry Course Details

Teaching Language English
Non-EU Seats 18
EU Seats 28
2022 IMAT Score (Non-EU) 43.2
2022 IMAT Score (EU) 44.9

Facts About The University

QS Ranking 401-500
Founded in 1240
Number of Students 15.533
Academic Staff 730
Status Public
Fees 156€-3500€

The University of Siena is one of the oldest universities in Europe. It was founded in 1240 with the name of  “ Stadium Senese”. The city of Siena is the home of the world’s first bank and therefore, the University of Siena was the first university funded by the public. Besides the University, the city is among the World Heritage List determined by UNESCO with its unique historical places.

The university presently houses faculties for political science, dentistry, mathematics, physics, and natural sciences, as well as faculties for pharmacy, economics, law, engineering, and the arts and humanities. Policlinico Le Scotte, a hospital administered by the medical division, is located outside the boundaries of the city. The university has divisions in Arezzo and Grosseto.

With foreign students from all over the world, not only from Europe, the institution aspires to create a new global community. The institution already enjoys a solid reputation in the global scientific community for its education and research. Dental graduates that thrive beyond all others are created as a result of newly developed technology and advancements in clinical research. The institution carefully follows European educational standards, ensuring that the students are constantly receiving the best professional training available.

University of Siena (Dentistry)

The university has approximately 20.000 students that constitute half of the population in Siena. The reputation of the university is known globally, especially in the fields of Law, Medicine, Economy and Dentistry.

Presently, the University of Siena runs several medical courses which include Biotechnologies, Dentistry, medicine and surgery and Health Professions

The University Of Siena Medical School (Italian)

The University of Siena medical school offers a six years medical program with a primary objective of training exceptional and innovative medical students that will bring great change to the health sector and save humanity in general. The medical course at the University of Siena medical school is a long single cycle medical program that carefully covers all the medical basics and clinical needed of a student.

The program has a total of 360 university credits (CFU), which are spread out across 6 years of instruction. It focuses on teaching pre-clinical and fundamental disciplines before introducing clinical disciplines. A minimum of 60 CFUs must be obtained through training exercises meant to improve certain professional competencies. It is required to participate in all training activities.

Particular focus should be placed on the practical training exercise carried out under the supervision of qualified professionals. The most cutting-edge component of the way studies are organized is professional training.

At the University of Siena medical school, students are expected to take courses related to human physiology, human anatomy and clinical, medical microbiology and immunology, medical scientific methodology, pathological anatomy, diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy,  Human diseases, surgical emergency, surgical clinics and many more. With all these and more integrated into this medical school curriculum, nothing is left out and each student is expected to be able to compete in job market anywhere in Italy and Europe in general.

The General Medical Council in the United Kingdom, the Medical Council of Canada, as well as the United States Medical Licensing Board all recognize the University of Siena’s Medicine degree as being of the highest quality.

Dentistry and Dental Prosthodontics in English at the University of Siena

University of Siena (Dentistry)

The University of Siena offers a new undergraduate degree program in Dentistry in English. The primary aim of the program is to train physicians who have the competence, clinical experience and ethics of inpatient oral care. The structure of the program is dedicated to mainly dental medical topics surrounded by basic science and medicine. Besides each topic addressed in lectures, several internships are required in order to deepen theoretical knowledge and develop the professional skills of students.

The single-cycle course in Dentistry at the University of Siena is designed according to the recommendations of the ADEE (Association for European Dental  Education) and the Italian Ministry of Education. In their last year, all students must work with patients every day, using the innovative tools of digital dentistry and new dental materials.

Course Structure

University of Siena (Dentistry)

First-year Courses

  • Chemistry
  • Applied Biology
  • Histology and Anatomy I 
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Scientific Methods, Behavioral Sciences, and Critical Thinking
  • Other Languages
  • Training Course on Health and Safety at Work

Second-year Courses

  • Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy
  • Basics of Dentistry
  • Biochemistry and Biology
  • General Pathology and Oncology
  • Physiology
  • Pathological Anatomy

Third-year Courses | University of Siena (Dentistry)

  • Dental Materials and Protheetic Digital Technologies
  • Medical Sciences I
  • Microbiology and Hygiene
  • Oral Pathology and Dermatology
  • Dental Materials and Prosthetic and Laboratory Technologies
  • Pharmacology

Fourth-year Courses

  • Medical Sciences II
  • Gnathology
  • Neurology and Psychiatry
  • Oral and Dental Sciences
  • Oral Surgery
  • Legal Medicine

Fifth-year Courses

  • Dental Prosthodontics
  • Implantology
  • Orthodontics
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Periodontology
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Maxillo-Facial Pathology and Therapy

Sixth-year Courses | Università degli Studi di Siena

  • Final Test
  • Integrated Oral and Dental Therapy I
  • Integrated Oral and Dental Therapy II

Admission Requirements

The most important requirement that a student needs to have in place is a secondary school diploma. However, students are also put through an admission test. This test is ordered by MIUR. Consecutively, this test has always included, chemistry, biology, mathematics, logical reasoning, physics, and general culture.

You can look at our “Admission Requirements for Medical Schools in Italy” article for detailed information.

Tuition Fee at the University of Siena

Tuition fees are calculated individually according to the ISEE (Equivalent Economic Status Indicator). ISEE is a criterion used to evaluate the family’s economic status, also used at all public universities in Italy. Therefore, annual tuition fees range from 158 € to 3500 €, depending on many factors (parents’ income, full/part-time studies, etc.).

You can look at our “Tuition Fee for Medical School in Italy” article for detailed information.

Student’s Life in Siena

The University of Siena dentistry school is a home for diverse students. Being an English-based program makes it even better for students coming to study from other countries. This medical school welcomes international students with open arms.

International students that are interested may enroll in Italian language classes at the University of Siena. Learning a second language is normally something that students take advantage of, and once the clinical years start, having an effective understanding of Italian is quite helpful.

The institution also encourages training in tennis, weightlifting, fencing, basketball, volleyball, and other team sports. Students have the option of joining competitive teams or simply exercising for enjoyment and health.
Speaking of discounts, there are lots available to university students, and the neighborhood bakeries and cafés are great locations to use them. In reality Siana is well known for its candy. Panforte, a chewy pastry and the forerunner of fruitcakes, is famous in the city. The Ricciarelli biscuits are among the other local treats. Siena is the place to go if you have a sweet desire. Or the best course of action would be to avoid it like kryptonite.

The ward culture of the city is another unique characteristic of Siena. Each neighborhood has an own mascot animal, border, and identity. The Palio di Siena horse races, held every two years, are when the rivalry between the wards is most obvious.
A banner with the picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the prize in a competition. The occasion is well-attended and draws large audiences.

In addition, Siena is home to a huge number of historical sites, rare works of art, and monuments. After six years of medical school, students tend to become familiar with the city’s culture and general sophistication.

You can look at our “Student’s Life in Siena” article for detailed information.

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