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Dentistry Course Details

Teaching Language English
Non-EU Seats 12
EU Seats 28
2019 IMAT Score (Non-EU) 31,4
2019 IMAT Score (EU) 47,4

Facts About The University

QS Ranking 350-400
Founded in 1240
Number of Students 20,000
Academic Stuff 743
Status Public
Fees 156€-3500€

Sidebrandino Cacciaconti, a mayor happens to be the brain behind the University of Siena. This university started its first academic calendar in the year 1240 with a generous fund raised by the municipality.  This gave the University the opportunity to run until other challenges began to show up and the University was forced to a closedown. Despite all odds, the University of Siena rose to these challenges and brought about a bigger medical school in 1892. From that point onwards, the University of Siena medical school has fast become one of the best medical school in Italy and Europe at large.

Presently, the University of Siena runs several medical courses which include Biotechnologies, Dentistry, medicine and surgery, and Health Professions. These courses have since then proven that it is here to stay and improve the health sector at large.

Do you wish to study medicine in an Italian medical school and you are actually thinking of choosing the University of Siena medical school? We are glad to tell you that you are about to make a very good choice. Right here, we will be taking you through the medical courses at the University of Siena and other things that you need to know about.

The University Of Siena Medical School

The University of Siena medical school offers a six years medical program with a primary objective of developing exceptional and innovative medical students that will bring great change to the health sector and save humanity in general. The medical course at the University of Siena medical school is a long single cycle medical program that painstakingly covers all the medical basics and clinical needed by a student.

At the University of Siena medical school, students are expected to take courses related to human physiology, human anatomy and clinical, medical microbiology and immunology, medical scientific methodology, pathological anatomy, diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy,  Human diseases, surgical emergency, surgical clinics and many more. With all these and more integrated into this medical school curriculum, nothing is left out and each student is expected to be able to compete anywhere in Italy and Europe in general.

Dentistry and Dental Prosthodontics

This department, in particular, is new with distinctive features. This department was designed in such a way that students are able to become professionals in both dentistry and medicine. Which means students are expected to have combined knowledge of both clinical and dental health. In addition to that, graduates are expected to be able to perform surgery.

To facilitate this learning process, the University of Siena designed a curriculum that combines both medicine and dentistry courses. These courses are believed to be able to give robust knowledge in both medicine and dentistry. During these six years, students are expected to take courses in basic sciences, endodontics surgery, implantology, prosthodontics, orthodontics, gnathology, etc.

In order to keep with international standards, the University of Siena medical school develops its medical program based on the recommendation of ADEE (European Association of Dental Education) and the Italian Minister of Education. In addition to that, students have access to practical classes and treatments of patients in the teaching hospital.

Access requirements

Being a medical school with flexible entry requirements, the University of Siena is highly sorted after by students. The most important requirement that a student needs to have in place is a secondary school diploma. However, students are also put through an admission test. This test is ordered by MIUR. Consecutively, this test has always included, chemistry, biology, mathematics, logical reasoning, physics, and general culture.

The Universe Of Siena Medical School Fees

The University of Siena medical a school understands the fact that financial issues are quite common with students. And as such, they allow fees to be paid installmentally. With this unusual opportunity, students can pay up to a maximum of four times.

Moreover, the amount of tuition to be paid by each student depends on he or she’s family income. This is in accordance with turn ISEE certification. What this automatically means is that students are charged according to what they can afford.

The University of Siena medical school is a home for diverse students. Being an English based program makes it even better for students coming to study from other countries. This medical school welcomes international students with open arms.

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