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 Medicine and Surgery Course Details

Teaching Language English
Non-EU Seats 40
EU Seats 40
2019 IMAT Score (Non-EU) 30,4
2019 IMAT Score (EU) 46,8

Facts About The University

QS Ranking 450-500
Founded in 1991
Number of Students 30,371
Academic Stuff 1,000
Status Public
Fees 156€-3500€

The separation of the old  Neapolitan University brought about the University Of Napoli Luigi Vanvitelli medical school in the year 1991. This separation was done with the intentions of reducing the then overcrowded university. Having taken a part of this great institution, the University Of Napoli Luigi Vanvitelli medical school experience tremendous growth and development to become the school it is today.

Being an Italian medical school that separated from one of the oldest University in Italy, the University of Napoli Luigi Vanvitelli shares similar features with  Neapolitan University in structures, academic pattern, and curriculum. This medical school offers one-time medical degrees at two teaching hospitals which are the Napoli campus University Training Hospital, known as Vecchio Policlinico and the Caserta campus is located in the Ges San Benedetto district Cas.

On the other hand, all clinical training activities take place in the Cas Vecchio Policlinico an in Naples and the Caserta Caserta Civil Hospital. The Orthodontics Degree course is held at the Naples Campus.

University Of Napoli Luigi Vanvitelli Medical School

Medicine and surgery is a very sensitive course. Which means, the best has to be given to bring out the best in each student. The University Of Napoli Luigi Vanvitelli medical school understands this fact and they have been keeping up with since their inception. This medical school offers a medical degree course that aims to provide students with all the scientific background and skills needed to become physicians; In fact, the course gives students the methods and background of being a physician and researcher in medical sciences.

With all these in place, every registered student must acquire various skills, including the ability to make decisions for the care of the patient. They are also teach how to apply Medical scientific knowledge, to help understand and solve problems relating to unexpected and unfamiliar situations.

At University Of Napoli Luigi Vanvitelli, Medical students are also provided with the enabling environment to develop skills. Which will, in turn, be used to provide the best solutions for patient care, even in cases of complexity that requires integration of information. Students are also groomed to know exactly how to Clearly communicating to both patients, relatives and colleagues have professional.

The University of Napoli Luigi Vanvitelli has a curriculum like no other and the primary objective of this medical curriculum is to help medical professionals develop skills that are exceptional. Moreover, this curriculum has a special way of bringing practicals to the table. And this, in turn, facilitates learning.

Having understood the need for better health care in our society, University of Napoli Luigi Vanvitelli medical developed an integrated curriculum that combines both clinical sciences, theoretical knowledge, and medical basics perfectly well without any of these affecting the other. However, the medical school has extended hours of classes to help keep up with this all-in-one curriculum.

Medicine and surgery at the University of Napoli Luigi Vanvitelli medical are an extensive one. This degree programme covers all that should be covered including the work ethics of a professional medical practitioner, method of approach when treating diseases and several ways to examine a patient. All these will be learned during clinical university teaching hospital.

To facilitate learning, students are assigned to groups during their fourth year where they analyze medical case studies and seek the attention of either a lecturer or medical staff to help explain things that are beyond their understanding. Students are also allowed to attend seminars in and out of the University of Napoli Luigi Vanvitelli medical school campus in order for them to broaden their knowledge.

In accordance with Europe’s standard, the University Of Napoli Luigi Vanvitelli medical school courses have a sum total of 360 ECTS.

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