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International Partnerships of University of Milan


The University of Milan is one of the finest universities in Italy. Also, it is one of the biggest and substantial universities in Europe with a total of about 60,000 students and 2,000 teaching and permanent staff. University of Milan or UniMi in short offers a total of 134 undergraduates and graduate courses, not only this but 21 doctorate schools, 92 specialization schools, and 09 general schools that offer different courses. UniMi is the only university in Italy that has a membership of League of European Research Universities (LERU). UniMi is a destination for every student studying medicine. The university consistently [...]

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How Can You Study Better For IMAT


Do you want to study an English medical program in Italy? If yes, then you must study for IMAT. The use of IMAT all began in the year 2012 when MIUR (Ministry Of Education and the Universities and Research) made it mandatory for every international student coming to study any medical program in an Italian university to pass IMAT. Just like every other exam, IMAT is a nightmare for students with the dreams of coming down to Italy to study a medical course. Irrespective of what your fears are, you must study for IMAT if you are to pass the exam. [...]

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6 Reasons to Study Medicine in Italy


Studying medicine in Italy is a long adventure that will never come to an end. This beautiful country does not only home to the best and old universities in Europe. It also has unforgettable historical places, culture, and restaurants that offer a unique experience for medical students in Italy. Italy is a country that meets the dream of many students. A country where medical students can travel along with the delightful historic sites and fun of several activities such as skiing or swimming. This broad range of activities really gives the whole experience of studying in Italy to medical students.  During [...]

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3 Practical Ways to Finance Yourself as a Medical Student in Italy


Italy is a beautiful country with lots of amazing opportunities to help finance yourself through your medical degree. Despite being one of the most sorted after country when it comes to academics, there is always something for everyone to help support his or her finances. Having spent years in Italy, Pavia to be precise studying medicine, I know several ways with which you can finance yourself and at the same time cope with the vigorous academic activities that medicine involves. To finance yourself while studying medicine in Italy might seem impossible to you. But there are several ways you can finance [...]

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