6 Reasons to Study Medicine in Italy


Studying medicine in Italy is a long adventure that will never come to an end. This beautiful country does not only home to the best and old universities in Europe. It also has unforgettable historical places, culture, and restaurants that offer a unique experience for medical students in Italy. Italy is a country that meets the dream of many students. A country where medical students can travel along with the delightful historic sites and fun of several activities such as skiing or swimming. This broad range of activities really gives the whole experience of studying in Italy to medical students.  During [...]

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How to Open a Free Bank Account as a Student in Italy


Opening a bank account in Italy is an essential step for medical students. Upon arrival, medical students may need a bank account for transportation, rent, bills, and also for other expenses.  There are three options for medical students to open a bank account in Italy: Small regional banks Post office Online banks These options should be considered with their advantages and limitations. The choice must meet the purpose of individuals. Required Document for Opening a Bank Account Generally, medical students have access to open a free bank account with Unicredit. This bank offers deposit, withdraws, and online payments services that are [...]

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Accommodation Solutions for Medical Students in Italy


If you are going to Italy to get medical education, the most important question that bothers you in your mind is probably the accommodation. Finding accommodation in Italy can be a significant challenge if you don’t know what to do. Despite its beautiful and serene environment that might want to keep you out all day and night, you still have to find yourself a roof to hide your head. Accommodation in Italy varies greatly, and it majorly depends on the region and the city. Big cities like Milan and Rome are far more expensive than those in rural areas. However, such [...]

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Italian Health Care System


Italy is one of the countries having a high life expectancy on average. According to the latest research done in 2021, Italy has sixth place worldwide with an average life expectancy of 84 for both sexes. As a Mediterranean country, Italy has a high standard of livings that dramatically increases life quality. However, this high number is also provided by the well-established care system.  In Italy, the healthcare system is not free of charge but is easily affordable. Unlike the many other European countries, the healthcare system in Italy is subdivided into public and private care. According to Italian laws, every [...]

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The Higher Education System in Italy


The education system of Italy is historical. There are many Italian universities founded before the 1500s. Significantly, Italy is the home of the oldest university globally, the University of Bologna, founded in 1088. From the past, the Italian higher education system has retained its reputation with its quality in Europe. Isn’t that fascinating? Suppose you’re hoping to come here to study. In that case, we can assure you that the decision you are about to make will be the best in your pursuit of academic excellence and a blissful career as a whole. Right here in this article, you will learn [...]

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Medical Education In Italy


Although Italy is famous for its deep-rooted history and unique culture, many international students come every year from different parts of the world to obtain quality education in one of the prestigious universities of Italy. Because Italy has many prestigious public and private universities providing medical education across the country. Therefore the majority of the students apply to study medicine in Italy.  Before the year 2009, the universities were providing education only in Italian. Then, the University of Pavia and Milan began to offer medicine programs in English. Nowadays, there are about 16 universities that become home to thousands of international [...]

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