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Teaching Language English
EU Seats 80
Non-EU Seats


Admission Test UCAT

Facts About The University

QS Ranking 1.473
Founded in 2017
Number of Students 455
Academic Staff
Status Private
Fees 16,000€-21,000€

The Saint Camillus International University of Health and Medical Sciences which is most times been referred to as UniCamillus is an Italian medical school that aims to impact the society at large by impacting knowledge into students whose sole aim is to become a medical practitioner. Having earned its approval and accreditation in the year 2017 by CUN (Italian National University Council) and ANVUR (Italian National Agency of Evaluation for University and Research) respectively, the Saint Camillus International University Of Health Sciences has earned a reputation of excellence in the medical world.

With a focus on the medical sciences, The Saint Camillus International University has been steadily expanding and, in only four years, has attracted 5,000 students. In comparison to other European institutions, it has the greatest proportion of overseas students. The Saint Camillus International University has the potential to leave a lasting impression because to its rapid expansion and student appeal.

The personal approach to the patient and the sickness is emphasized particularly by The Saint Camillus International University of Health and Medical Sciences. As a result, its students constantly understand that each patient has unique sensibilities, requirements, and dignity. The profession of healthcare is taught to UniCamillus students as a mission, one that calls for them to devote a portion of their professional lives to providing medical treatment for the less fortunate, including in nations where such care is either severely insufficient or nonexistent.

As a developing medical school working towards becoming the best Medical College in Italy and Europe at large, the Saint Camillus International University of Health Sciences has its main objective which is to groom healthcare workers who are world-class professionals with expertise in pathologies particular to the Southern Hemisphere, which includes AIDS, TBS and Malaria.

Students at The Saint Camillus International University Of Health Sciences have the chance to broaden their horizons thanks to the institution’s distinctively international environment. As over 40% of UniCamillus students are from nations outside the European Union, the university is distinguished by a strong international aspect. The Welcome Office assists these students in completing the formalities required for them to study and reside in Italy.

Professor-led Medical Task Forces are formed by The Saint Camillus International University in areas with infrastructure and structural problems. These missions were created with the intention of establishing academic partnerships with hospitals already present in the area. Examining the potential for UniCamillus to participate in the operation of a neighborhood hospital and healthcare facilities also offers expert medical help to the regions.

The Saint Camillus International University Humanitarian Force has extended their sphere of influence to Brazil along the Amazon River and African countries such as Kenya, Cameroon, Benin, and the Gambia. Sooner, students will have the chance to participate in these humanitarian trips, greatly boosting their professional development.

The Saint Camillus International University Of Health Sciences comprises of four major departments, which includes, the Department of Medicine & Surgery, Department of nursing and the department of physiotherapy. The combination of these four departments indeed makes the Saint Camillus international University of Health Sciences a force to be reckoned with in the health education sector.

Right now, let’s take a look at all these departments each at a time and analyze what makes them so special and promising for any students aspiring to become a medical practitioner.

Department of Medicine & Surgery | UniCamillus

Medicine and Surgery degree program takes a period of 6 years at the Saint Camillus International University of Health Sciences. This medical program combines both scientific and theoretical-practical approach to studying medicine. This goes in accordance with the directives 75/363/CEE which is the current standard for all medical school in Europe. As a result of this, the graduates of this medical school can practice medicine in all parts of Europe.

In addition to its standard and generally accepted curriculum, the Saint Camillus International University of Health Sciences emphasizes more on the interrelationship between the curriculum of basic medical sciences and that of clinicals. Having noticed this, their curriculum finds a way to balance both ends without any of these two lacking behind.

Despite the general trend in which medical schools tuition fees been quite expensive, the Saint Camillus International University of Health Sciences have an average tuition fee which is about €12000 to €18000 depending on a student presumed financial capabilities and family income in general.

Department Of Nursing

The Department of Nursing at the Saint Camillus international University of Health Science began its first academic year in 2018/19 with a standard that supersedes quite a number of other departments of nursing in other Italian medical schools. In accordance with the department of medicine and surgery and the other two departments, it has successfully brought out the beauty of having a 21st-century medical school.

At the Saint Camillus International University of Health, nursing program only takes a period of 3 academic years. During the course of this program, students are taught the basics of medicine, how to render nursing assistance to a patient, the professional ethics of nursing and many more. To facilitate learning, groups are created in which case studies are been analyzed and possible nursing solutions provided.

BSc Radiology. Imaging & Radiotherapy | UniCamillus

Despite not being a fulltime medical program, this department is highly important to the medical field and in most cases, students taking medicine and surgery course needs the knowledge of radiology, imagining and Radiotherapy to be a professional medical practitioner. Students of this department are assigned with courses in ultrasonic, artificial and natural ionizing radiation sources of thermal, dosimetry protection,  nuclear magnetic resonance energies and many more. These combined with medical knowledge, they are about to take research in the health sector to a whole new level.

Department Of Physiotherapy

Motor related medical issues are becoming widespread than ever and with physiotherapy showing tremendous results in solving these health issues, the need for professional Physiotherapy is on the rise as well. The Saint Camillus International University of Health and Medical Sciences is here to bridge that gap with this department. Students admitted into this department are taught how to handle therapeutic activities for all kinds of motor dysfunction and take care of cognitive disabilities simply by using physical massage.

At this department, a study is done through case studies and physical observation. Although students are to take theoretical classes to balance things up.

Student life at The Saint Camillus International University

UniCamillus encourages university students to participate in sports. To make it easier for its students to participate in sports practices, it has concluded multiple agreements with various sports facilities situated nearby. The institution firmly believes that physical exercise is an essential instrument for young people’s training and health, as well as essential for the growth of social bonds and intercultural integration.

Students may also participate in theatrical workshops with counseling help to develop their creativity and self-confidence. The institution wants to foster a culture where people can deal with difficult circumstances in a manner that is beneficial.

The university places a lot of emphasis on determining the students’ educational requirements. To assist them in navigating their academic pathways, all students have access to a specialized counseling program.

This is done in order to collect all ideas for improving the learning experience, inspiring students to learn, and growing the student community. The tutoring is done by attentive, friendly professors who provide the students continuous, insightful comments.

By focusing on practical abilities like self-awareness and communication, the placement office of UniCamillus assists students and recent graduates with job orientation and career decisions.

With the participation in recruiting days and events as well as language classes for international students, agreements are made with major HR or recruitment organizations to assist graduates in integrating themselves into the labor market.

After graduation, the institution guarantees jobs for all of its graduates in their fields of expertise.


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